Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 14, 2015 (July 12, well really the 13th)

This was written after the missionary's were on a "Lock Down" because of activities happening in Belfast the weekend of July 12th.

Hiya Fam!

I'm still alive! Yay! :)

Because the 12th is on a Sunday, the big parade was moved to Monday. We were really lucky! It went RIGHT PAST US!! So, I talked with John about it a few days ago, and he told me that the parade starts in East Belfast, then walks somewhere. I don't know where. But after they arrive, they stay there for a few hours to rest and eat and drink, and then they go back the way they came. He said the part to watch is the part in the morning.

In all honesty, it wasn't a big parade. Officially. The people walking with the parade doubled the size of it, actually. There were 19 bands in it, each numbering about the same as the Tumwater Marching Band. But we had a good time in our flat. We were hoping before-hand to get some other Elders to come over to play games, but everyone had stuff to do, so it was just us. We played RISK, Monopoly, listened to talks, etc.

So Elder Schippers arrived Wednesday night at 10:30! And on Thursday at 10:30 we had to pick up 6 other Elders from the bus station. They stayed overnight before they left for Dublin the next morning. Moves Week madness! But everything went well. Samantha's baptism went through. The water was really cold again! We're gonna have to figure that Water heater out, because it was absolutely Baltic for Hilaire! Lourdes, Samantha's mother, asked if I could baptise her! I was honored! 

Hilaire recently got back from his trip to France. We're meeting with him tonight. He's doing well, though. He had a good trip. Can't wait to see him! :)

So Finula came to church again! I'm not worried about her in regards to gaining a testimony. I am worried about getting her fellowshipped at church. Because she's 18, so most of the ward is her senior. She really doesn't have any friends at church yet. I am certain that if there was a YSA Ward in the area, she'd be fine, but there isn't. So please pray for her and us, so we can find a way to help her.  I do love the ward here.  I love them individually! 

Oh! And on our way back from District Meeting today, we were leaving the train station, and I heard someone yelling "Look! Missionaries! Hey Elders!" We looked over and saw a group of people waving near the station. We crossed over, turns out every one of them are from Utah! We talked with them a while until their bus came. It was a nice change of pace. :)

Anyhow, Elder Schippers is a fun guy! We've had a good time so far. Looking forward to this transfer, and this week! :)

I am so sorry to hear about Angela! I knew Shelby.  That must be devastating!

Thanks for the pictures! Funny story about Dad! Hope he also gets to go to Camp Helaman, balance out the estrogen with some testosterone! Ha

Yes! I got the package today in fact! Can't wait to go through it! I also got a letter from Laura with some great news! ;)

Mom asked what to send over with the Jacobs.  I'm good on shirts and ties and socks. Only got a few holy socks. ;)  We're supposed to stay in our white shirts on P-Day unless we're playing sports, so I'm good with P-Day shirts.

Love you sooooo much! Thought about you a lot this week! :)

Have a great week! 

Elder Bates

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