Friday, December 4, 2015

November 2, 2015 Halloween, Halloween, lots of fun on Halloween!

Hiya Fam!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! I know the people of Ireland did! I've never had a Halloween that was celebrated with fireworks before. Kinda cool! Except I seriously thought for a moment that bombs were going off and war had restarted, but I was wrong thank goodness! Phew!

Anyways, the week went well. I went on another exchange on Tuesday to Newtonabbey with Elder Harman. Good man, we had a great time. Meanwhile back in Cavehill Elder Schippers and Elder Sheppard committed Ph to be baptized November 14th!! That's next Saturday!! Elder Schippers is bummed he's missing it, but oh well. 

Not much happened the rest of the week. Met with the M's on Wednesday and the Mu's on Thursday. On Friday Elder Schippers got his ticket for the ferry back to Scotland. He'll be leaving next Monday at 10:30 am. Oh, btw, he'll be giving his "HomecomingTalk" (it won't really be his Homecoming Talk because they don't do those anymore apparently) the Sunday after he gets home.

On Saturday we went to the Ward Halloween Party. The party, btw, wasn't the Cavehill Ward Party, it was put on by the Ward's, a family here. Brother Ward was our Ward Mission Leader but he was released last week. I just thought it was funny, the Ward Halloween Party. Three families showed up: the Wards, the Moffets, and Sister Maud. Each of them brought non-member friends though. After the party was over we had to get going to the flat in order to be in by 6. Elder Schippers packed while I had dinner, studied, played a few games of Solitaire (won 3 times in a row!) And that was our Halloween! Yay.

On Sunday, Ph didn't come to church. We still don't know why. We tried to call him but it went straight to voicemail. We went by his house but he wasn't in. It was a really big bummer. :(

But on the plus side, we were finally able to meet with H again!! He's been in Dublin and Paris the past few weeks, so we really haven't heard from him until this past week. It was great seeing him again! He's committed to come to Stake Conference this coming Sunday! We're having a 70 come, and they're expecting such a crowd, that the Stake Presidency had to book the Ulster Hall to fit everyone! Pretty cool! Hopefully he'll have a great experience there, and he'll start to come back to church.

So that was our week. This week is going to be pretty nuts what with Elder Schippers leaving and all. And next Sunday's Moves Call!

I can't think of anything particularly significant I've been studying lately. I've been stuck in Moroni 7 for a little over a week now! There is SO MUCH STUFF in there!!! It's great!! 

Mom asked if people ever can't understand me because of my "American" accent.  Sometimes. But not that often. Think about it: most of the movies nowadays feature mostly Americans, so they're used to the accent.

Mom also asked about a murder that happened in Belfast.  I did hear about that yes. It wasn't too far from our flat, actually. Just a few miles away.  This happened months and months ago. I'd be surprised if anything really big happened now because of it.

Oh and did you ever get my letter? I sent it weeks and weeks ago but I haven't heard anything about it. 

Have a great week everyone!! Love you lots!!!

Elder Bates

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