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February 9, 2015 Best Week Eva!


Okay, I don't have long and this was the best week of my LIFE!

First, Mom, where did you find the SIM (Scotland/Ireland Mission) Logo? The tartan that is used is actually from clan McKay! Every Elder gets a free tie! We wear them every time we all meet together (i.e. District Meetings, Zone Meetings, Zone Interview Training, etc.) It's not actual tartan though, it's actually quite cheap. If I bought an actual tartan tie, do you think you could sew that logo onto it? I've heard of some missionaries doing that once they go home.

This week has been just totally BOSS!! So awesome! I've felt the spirit so strongly!! It's been amazing! :)

Okay so Thursday was Zone Interview Training again. We talked about the new curriculum for members. Have you ever heard of The Power of an Everyday Missionary? Well it's this awesome book and we're supposed to be teaching lessons out of it to the members when we go by them. It was really great! I'm super excited about it! My interview with President was really good too! He was very helpful and loving! I'll be sad to see him go in July. 

That was an awesome day in and of itself! But the rest of the week was just as good if not better! So there's this investigator named Titch. That's a nickname, her real name is Georgiana. Anyway, the whole story is a bit long, and I don't know it all. But basically, she was interested in learning more about the church from a friends posts on facebook, and so one day she just walked into church here in Inverness!! That was before I was here. However, she lives in the Isle of Lewis, which is in the Stornoway area. So they had to refer her to the sisters that were serving there. Anyways, after ZIT, we received a text from the Stornoway sisters telling us that Titch was in the hospital in Inverness because she was in a coma for 4 hours! She's a very sick girl, I don't know what it is though. Anyway so she was there and we had to go over there. So we did when she was better. And she is the most prepared person I've ever met! We've met with her every day for the past few days, and I've always felt the spirit so powerfully every time I went into the room! It was amazing! And she doesn't want what's happened to affect her progress in the church! She wants to continue to receive the lessons, and even wants to get baptized here! She's going to have to stay here for at least 4 weeks so we're definitely doing that! She prayed about a date and thinks the 18th will do! But she is uber uber sick! So please pray for her to get felling better! She needs to come to church this coming week! So please pray for her! I know that if all of us pray for her she WILL be able to come to church! SO please pray for her! 

Okay, so Titch and her mom are both awesome!!! Love them both! Her mom is investigating too, but she's been hampered by her eyesight. She's waiting for a large print copy of the Book of Mormon but she already believes it! So yeah, they're both sooooooo awesome!!! Jus the bomb diggity!! Or BOM diggity ha ha Great now I'm like Mom!

Anyways, so that was great, and Maureen and Rieley are doing well too. Progressing. Maureen is very bad physically too, so please pray for her too! Anyway, Barry, however, is progressing so well!! Friday we had the best lesson ever with him!!! Ever since he's been asking us questions and they're honest thoughtful questions too!! We're very excited about him!! Dad is partly to thank for that, but I'd ask him about it, I don't have that much time left. 

Okay, so I'll just have to skip to Sunday!! We got a new bishop this Sunday!! Bishop Kane is being released! But I'm gonna have to get to that in a moment. Gotta mention one quick thing. SO the Stake Presidency came over and one of them taught a joint Priesthood/Relief society meeting, talking about the Europe Area Goals. I don't know what its' like in the States, but all of Europe has gotten this new goal for every member to do: 1 Bring a friend 2 I can't remember!!! that's frustrating. And 3 bring an ancestor to the temple. It's really cool and mostly geared towards missionary work1! So all the members got really pumped up to do missionary work!! It was awesome!! And about the new bishopric! They had the old bishopric and the new bishopric all bear their testimonies, and it was soooooo cooool!!! The spirit was so strong!!!! It was awesome!!!!! Best sacrament meeting I've ever had!!! We also were able to get 5 different youth commit to coming out with us this week on teaching appointments!! We are uber excited!! This week is gonna be amazing!! So with Titch, our whole district is gonna have 4 baptisms this month!!! The Highlands District is on fiiiiiiiiiire!!!!! 

That's a really cool insight, Mom! I haven't actually thought about it in that way before! I've always been more focused on the tares instead of the wheat. But you're right! I'm planning on studying the Atonement more. Any ideas on what to read?

To answer your question, abuse is very rare. Course, my definition of abuse is probably different from yours. I haven't had any more cheese thrown at me, if that's what you're asking. ;) There was one guy we talked to that was pretty darn arrogant, but I don't even remember what he said exactly. Just that he felt so sorry that we were tied down to a God that was so condescending or something like that.

What a cool idea, Mom, to have Bring-A-Friend-To-Seminary!! I like it! I'm glad you had some non-members there! Especially since teenagers don't like mornings. I like what PMG says: "Numbers don't determine success in Missionary Work. The amount of work you do determines success." And sounds like you certainly did that! :)

I heard from Heather Layton!  That was cool!  Any news at all from home is wonderful! You could just tell me the days headlines and I'd be fascinated! Haha not really, don't do that. But still! Is there anything I can do better when it comes to emails? Or anything else? Feel free to tell me!

Love you so much! Thanks for everything!! Oh, and we won't be having another chance to get packages until at least half way through March, so I hope you haven't sent anything! Oh, and I'm sorry to tell you, but President Brown has banned sweaters that aren't V-necks. I don't know what to do with my sweaters because they're all crew neck! Any ideas?

Love you all!! Sorry about the misspellings, hope you can still read it!! If not, just know that this week was awesome!!!! Love you !!!!

Elder Bates

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