Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015 Prayers work!

Hello Fam!

Thank you all for your prayers for Titch! I am so grateful that you guys did that! I've got some great news about the whole thing! 

So first of all, we were able to see Titch almost every single day this week! And except for two times, we had a Youth with us at each one! The second one the Youth backed out because it was Valentine's day and she wanted to go have dinner with her boyfriend. Uck. They were only going to McDonalds! Some boyfriend!  :)

Anyways! So on Friday, we weren't able to see her. Way too busy. But we got a text from her during the day, and she was OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!!! The Doctors told her to stick around for a week to make sure she was back to normal, which was perfectly fine because the ferry back to the Isle of Lewis is out, so they're stuck here! So we taught her the last lesson at the church and showed her the font and everything! It was great! We also found out that Jen also wants to be baptized on Wednesday! So TWO baptisms this week!!! Elder Wells is doing the actual baptizing, and he's very excited! He hasn't had to break out the white trousers his whole mission! They're being interviewed by the Zone Leaders tomorrow. Oh, and Barry is coming to the baptism! We're hoping he has a good experience and comes to Church this week! 

So that's the update on Titch. We went by Maureen on Wednesday and brought Brother Gardener with us. He challenged her to get rid of everything in her life that makes her want to smoke. She said she would! Later in the week, I think it was Friday, she fell and broke her femur! According to Brian Regan that's a number 10! Not a very valid source, but still! She wasn't able to come to church because of it. So PLEASE pray for her now! Her body is degrading rapidly. She NEEDS prayers in her behalf! After breaking her femur, Brother McKay came by and spoke with her, and she told him to take all her cigarettes and lighters and everything out of her house! So she really wants to be baptized!! Such an amazing woman! 

Rieley went to a Youth Sports event on Saturday at the church. We came too. Rieley is so shy, and isn't very athletic, so I'm not sure how good a time he had. Some of the Youth there were getting too into the Kickball game (they call it California Kickball, btw. Why??) and were yelling at him. It made me mad. In particular was that one girls boyfriend I mentioned earlier. He wasn't a member, and he was just the worst! Claire, I want you to know something. Nice girls always date guys that are total jerks to them in every sense of the way. DO NOT BE LIKE THAT. No matter what, date a member. Even then, be careful. Don't EVER let any guy treat you like that guy treated her. Every time I think about it, my blood just boils. Sorry guys, don't mean to go like that on you.

Presidents day! That's cool! I'd forgotten about Presidents Day. We'll have to do something special for Presidents day today. Any ideas? Maybe some pizza. That reminds me! So Elder Glasgow back in Airdrie. His dad bought them all pizza online from Dominos! Can you believe that!? Now, I'm not making any nudges or anything, I'm just telling ya what happened once.

Good ol Alex! Love that guy! How has he been doing?

Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day! I love Dad's humor.  I did get a card from you this week! I think it was on Friday. But nope, I won't get the package until at least the middle of March. Maybe even April! Sorry! But hey, rules are rules.

For the sweaters, things are warming up, ever so slightly, so I don't think I'll be needing any for the next seven or eight months. I'll keep one sweater for just wearing around the flat or on P-Day, but I'll start praying for opportunities to give them away. 

To answer a few of mom's questions:  Maureen is actually in her 70's. I really need to start taking more pictures of people. Titch is 17, Rieley is 13, Jen is in her 40's, and Barry is 30. Our new Bishop is in his 30's I think. Maybe early 40's. He's pretty young!

It went well, over all, having the youth teach with us. Hailey was the best! She went with us to teach Titch, and she did a great job fellowshipping with her. She's speaking at the Baptism actually! We were finally able to bring a member with us to Barry's. Ryan is 18, and he's preparing to go on a mission. He did okay. He just needs some practice, that's all. The only other youth that is preparing for a mission is Nathan. But he's dating Hailey, and he is torn between her and the mission. And she isn't helping. She doesn't want him to go. It's a bit frustrating, but I think we got him! We just need to take him on more teaching appointments with us, and I'm sure he'll turn. 

Really all we eat is pasta and anything that uses chicken. And cereal. Elder Wells taught me a nice recipe for Chicken Alfredo (can you believe they don't have Alfredo sauce out here!? I was speechless!) and he can also make a nice pizza! I would love a recipe for pizza dough, actually! Really anything so long as the ingredients are cheap and few. We exercise every day.

Something cool to tell! I forgot to mention last week that I went on an exchange up into Thurso! I want you to use the google maps thing that lets you see from the ground instead of from above on the coasts going up to Thurso. It is so beautiful!! Anyways, while there, we had dinner at this one members house, who also had us do some service. The service was taking care of their horses! We filled up their hay and their stables and it was cool! I was taking care of some horses! I haven't been that close to a horse since I was a kid at that one Western town, you remember that one? And guess what? We did it again this week! Only I was in Inverness! Brother McKay and his wife own three horses, and, since he owned horses back home, Elder Wells groomed them while I raked the lawn. You might think I got the short end of the stick, but I'm not gonna tell you what grooming horses fully entails. It's a bit icky at parts! But yeah, just thought I'd share that with you. 

Oh, and we came up with a new finding technique! Warhammer Finding! Warhammer is a board game, a war-strategy game. It's quite possibly the nerdiest game out there, level with Dungeons and Dragons. There's a shop in town that sells Warhammer figurines, and one of the members here is good friends with the owner. He hooked us up to do some service for the owner by helping her paint some of her models! So this week she taught us how to do it, and she's letting us keep our first ones! I'll have to shoot you a picture of my "Space Marine" haha it's been pretty cool! And it works! While we paint we talk with the other helpers and some of the people at the store, and it was great! Definitely doing that again!

Mom, we spend an hour or two cleaning the flat every P-Day. I vacuum and clean the bathroom and such while Elder Wells does the kitchen and the details. No idea what we're doing the rest of the day today. He has to write up what's called Eye of Faith, where he just tells the Zone Leaders about each missionary in his district: how they're doing, what they're struggling with, suggestions for next transfer, etc. So probably doing that. I dunno! We'll see!

Well, that's the week for ya. The Church is getting renovated, so the chapel isn't available for the service, and the font is under the floor (yep, under the floor) of the only classroom in the building, which isn't big enough to hold all the people we're hoping are coming, so we'll have to do the service in the hall! I'll send you a pic when I get it. My camera's charging right now back at the flat. 

Anyways, love you all! Thanks for the prayers! Keep them coming! Love you so much! So grateful for your prayers! Have a great Presidents day in the good ol' US of A! Can't wait to go back to that blessed land! :)

But this week is gonna be amazing!!! :D

Elder Bates

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