Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 9, 2015 Moves Call!

So yesterday was the dreaded Moves Call! But before I get to that, I'll tell ya more about the week, which I'm sure is what you really want to know right now! ;)

So I was pretty sick Monday and Tuesday. Stayed inside all day and slept or just rested. I hated it, but it's what you gotta do! Anyways, I was feeling loads better Wednesday! My nose was still stuffy and my throat was a tad sore, but that was a major improvement! After chapping a street, we turned around and there was this massive graveyard! I'm talking massive! With a massive hill that was right in the middle of it! We decided to climb to the top of the hill! Oh, man it was steep! It was quite the hike! But it was fun! There were so many graves along the trail up, as well as at the top. It was cool. Halfway up we got to a spot that gave us a great view of the cemetery. So many headstones! Elder Wells said "You know, I bet you that 90% of the people that are buried here died without the Gospel." That was really sobering, especially seeing just how many graves there were! 

Anyways, we went to see the Kemps after that. The Kemps are this family living in Nairn, which is a town an hours bus ride from Inverness. The mother, Claire, is a member, and no one else has been baptized. Good family though, very nice to us. We helped them set up their trampoline, had some dinner and then helped them lift some stuff up into their attic. Yup, it was pretty fun. 

We went by a lot of Members this week, come to think of it! We went by Gail's on Thursday. Riley was sick and home from school, and Gail asked if we could come and help paint her ceiling. It took many more hours that we thought we'd be there, but it looks great!

We went by the Martin/Theyers, had a blast with those guys. The next day we went by Georgiana and Jen. She can't make up her mind on whether she should get the lung transplant or not. Because the surgery is very rigorous, and there isn't even much of a possibility that she'll get the lung at all. So she asked if we could pop by and give her a blessing. Bishop randomly called us and when we told him we were going by Georgiana and Jen, he asked if he could come! That was certainly guided by the spirit, because he was great! He's a dentist, so he has a bit more medical knowledge than we do! He was a great help, and was able to give some really good feedback. What a great guy! Love that man. 

Anyways, after that we went by the Williams. Sister Williams has recently become unemployed, and she's having a rough time dealing with that. So we came by to cheer her up with the "Good News"! After a while we said we should go, but she invited us for dinner! It was delicious too! It was chili, and it was so good! The best I've had out here! Nathan came over and so we had a good time with him and the Williams. 

Saturday was Youth Sports! The Missionaries (us) are supposed to organize it. So before it started we zipped over to the mall and bought a Yoga Ball and played around with that! SO. MUCH. FUN. Best £10 I've ever spent! We played dodgeball, basketball, baseball, sumo wrestling, you name it! It's more fun with a Yoga Ball! We finally got tired. Anyways, after that we went by Georgiana and Jen again because Georgiana had read the entire Ensign and wanted more! Which we were happy to oblige! She's such a spiritual giant! Both of them! Jen had been reading the "Teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson" book she'd gotten at church a few weeks ago, and she told us about some amazing spiritual experiences she'd had with it! We're like, "if she's having those kinds of experiences with that book, imagine the Book of Mormon!" But yeah, awesome people. Georgiana asked if we could re-teach her all the lessons again. We're totally fine with that, since that's what we're supposed to do anyways! :)

Saturday was also MANOK, Moves Anticipation Night of Kebabs! Elder Wells hates Kebabs, so he does MANOC, or Moves Anticipation Night of Cereal. Something I've noticed, a lot of Missionaries just eat cereal breakfast lunch and/or dinner. Anyways, I got Kebab. I tried it with garlic sauce instead of the traditional spicy red sauce. It was alright, but I prefer the spicy sauce! :9 You know me! That shouldn't come as much of a surprise!

So Sunday was great! Gail gave us both a present! I want to keep it, so I'll mail it home to ya. I just need a box. Which I hopefully will be getting sometime soon! :D Church was fun, we had a great Gospel Principles lesson taught by a rather handsome young Elder... ;) After Church we went by Georgiana and Jen again and taught them the Restoration lesson. Well, kind of. We decided to have them teach us, and just fill in the gaps if they miss anything. Which worked pretty well, actually! We got to clear up the Great Apostasy for them and such. We were invited by Gail over for dinner (she wanted to be the first to hear if we were staying or moving!) so we were waiting for a bus out there, when we saw Bishop and one of the young men, Rory, walking up to bring Georgiana the sacrament! We had a fun chat with those guys. So nice of them to take time out of their Sabbath to go by a member that isn't even in our ward! Yet! They're hoping to move in soon. In the middle of our conversation, Sister Scott, Gail's mother, drove up to pick us up! We had a blast with Gail, Sister Scott, and Riley. We had chili, and played some games.

And in the middle of dinner we got a phone call from President! Everyone knows, if President calls, one of you is moving. He spoke with Elder Wells first. They spoke for a while. Then he handed the phone over to me. I'M STAYING!!!! Thank goodness! I'd have hated to leave! I mean, I'd have been fine with going to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, but even so! My new companion is named Elder Carter. He's going to be the new District Leader, too. I know little more about him, but Elder Wells says he's a funny guy. Elder Wells is going down to Dundee! TO BE A ZONE LEADER!!!! He is absolutely panicking!!!! He doesn't think he's good enough to be a Zone Leader, but I think he'll do great. He's the most amazing Missionary I've ever met! Oh, and guess what!? Elder Massey is coming to Aberdeen!! That kid is following me, I swear! Haha This'll be fun! :)

Well, that's all for me. Great week, I'm sad to say goodbye to a companion that's taught me so much, but I'm looking forward to staying in Inverness. It's a wonderful area, and I can't wait to help it grow! :)

Sounds like you had a really fun week! Can't wait to see the house!  Congrats and Good Luck to Dad and the new office!  I got the calendar hung and I love all the pictures!  I'd love to see a picture of that dress and see what color it is!  Ha, ha.

Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Jeff (B) tells me that he's just finished reading it!

Elder Bates

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