Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 24, 2015 Baptism Week!

Dear Fam,

I've got a lot to cover! This week has been through a lot!! Haha  Thanks a lot for the news! Sounds like everything is going great!! I am very glad to hear it!! :)

Okay so on Tuesday we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders Elder Christensen and Elder Dickinson. I was with Elder Dickinson, who's from Nottingham actually! That's an actual place! So is Sherwood Forest! Anyways, we went on the exchange so they could interview Titch and Jen for Baptism. In the end it was Elder Dickinson who did the interview. The others were in Nairn. Georgiana passed with flying colors! So we went home, had dinner and went to bed. At 4:20 in the morning, I woke up to my bed shaking and Elder Dickinson moaning. I turned on the light. Oh, it looked scary! He was having a seizure!! I've never seen one before, and it was scary! We were able to calm him down, and finally woke him up! He seemed fine, and he's had them before on his mission. So after a while we all went back to bed. Then it started all over again!! He had two seizures within an hour! We called President, who told us to phone the UK equivalent of 911, and an ambulance came over. He had just gotten out of it when they came and took him to the hospital. We got there around 6 or 7, and we stayed there until 11. He was doing fine, and didn't have any more. This was the morning of the Baptism!! We all went back to the flat, had a bite to eat, and then the Zone Leaders went back to Aberdeen. Elder Wells and I went off to the church building to prepare the font. We started filling it at 2:11. It didn't finish until 6!

There's a faucet on the side. It either does boiling water or freezing, so we have it on boiling for the first 3/4 and then turn off the water heater. But when it's boiling, it turns the church building into a sauna!!! 

So our chapel is getting renovated, btw, so our main concern was where to have the service! We thought we'd get a couple of families, which meant that the room the font was in was out, and we weren't allowed the chapel. So our only option was the hallway! I wish I'd taken a picture of that! The hallway isn't much larger than our family room! And, as it turns out, almost the entire ward turned up!!!! We were spilling into the Bishop's office!!! It was bad, but it all turned out fine.

Oh, funny story! So Titch accidentally ripped her stitches on Monday, so she had to get new ones. When she did the doctor said "Okay, so don't get these wet!" and one of the nurses, who knows her well, said "Doctor, she's a smart girl! It's not like she's going to just jump into a body of water!" So that was funny. And worrisome. She seemed to be okay when she got out, but she was coughing more. Anyways, they got a ticket on the next ferry back to Stornoway, which was actually Thursday! So that was the last I've seen her. The sisters in Stornoway had her confirmed this Sunday, so everything's going great!

Barry and Rieley both came to the baptism! Didn't get much of a chance to speak to Rieley, but Barry said he'd had a great time! It was a great experience for him I think! 

Oh, and funny story. So the next days I was on an exchange in Invergordon with Elder Livingston and his new companion Elder Stobbs. But I accidentally left my shaver in their car! And they lost it! I got my shaver back yesterday, so all is good.

Yesterday was actually Zone Development! SO that's why I'm writing on Tuesday!  We all met up in Aberdeen and just hung out as missionaries. It was a lot of fun! We played Chair Football and Volleyball and Dodgeball.

Yesterday we were driving to Aberdeen, and I saw this fast food place called "Mike's Famous Fish and Chips", and I saw it and then was like "Oh yeah, that's my name!" THAT was weird!!

I got a letter from Grandpa this week. He mentioned Grandma's birthday. He'd sent some Family History stuff! It was some excerpts from his book  One Line of Bates Men. It was fascinating!

Love you all!!! You guys are awesome!!!!! Keep Praying for this missionary somewhere in the middle of the Highlands!! :)

Elder Bates

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