Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 24, 2015

Elder Bates sent us a recording.  This is the transcript:

Hello!  How are you guys doing?  Elder Schippers is making a recording to send to  his family.  So I'm going to go into a different room.  Hang on.  So, hopefully you are going to be able to listen to this one this time. 

Yea, this week's been good.  Moves Week.  Moves weeks are always interesting.  There's something about them that just makes them not as productive as every other week which is too bad.  So it wasn't our best week but we did get alot of good things done.  We celebrated with F that she's completely off smoking this week which was a great, great boost.  We are really excited about her baptism date Sept 5th.   I hope we mentioned that last week but I'm not sure if I did. 

Our week was a little difficult because at the moment we're kind of in  a sticky spot because we've only got F.  She's the only person that we're working with .  Period.  We're not working with any less actives, we're not working with any recent converts unless you count H and I'll get into that in a bit.  Or any other investigators, we're just working with F.  So there isn't much to do beyond finding.  Doing finding day in and day out is very hard sometimes.  It's really grinding.  But hey we need somebody to teach otherwise we'll be doing more of it when Sept. 5 th comes around!   

We've got a new district leader cause with moves week they whitewashed the area where our district leaders were in which was called Newtonabbey.  So they whitewashed those elders out.  When I say whitewashed, that is just missionary speak for they took both elders out of the area and are replacing them with two brand new elders, not like brand new as in new training, just brand new to the area.  We got our new District Leader which is Elder Harmon  who was actually in my group.  He knows Inverness well.  I haven't seen him since the MTC but he started out in Thursow, so he knows Inverness.  After he left Thursow he went to Airdrie near Cumbernauld.  So both places he served, he's quite familiar with where I served.  It's just funny and interesting.  I got to talk to him quite a bit this week. Elder Schippers, because he  served in Newtonabbey before, we got to see him and show him the ropes. He's also training so  I really feel bad for him.   He's white washing, training and he's a district leader -  his first time as district leader.  He's probably got alot on his hands!  

So it's been a good week.  H.  So on Thursday we gave him a call asking him if we could meet with him later this week and he said "Yes,  I'll give you a text tomorrow before 12."  He's told us similar things in the past and he never does.  Well he hasn't since he got baptized.  It's been really frustrating and he didn't do it again and he didn't come to church today either,  so I'm really concerned about him.  So keep him in your prayers please and I'll be doing the same.

 Interesting story, so today I gave a talk in church.  I'm going to try to see if I can include it and send it to you guys.  I had to put the recorder in my jacket pocket so it's a little muffled. I'm also trying everything with the new low quality recording so hopefully you can still  understand what I'm saying.  I'll be able to send more to you.  So let's see, yea, everything's been fine; I can't complain.  Nothing to brag about.  But yea, so hope all you guys had a good week.  Hope you guys got to do some fun things and hope you guys are staying happy.  Cause it's great when you're happy.  It's really great!  So I'm looking forward to talking to you more tomorrow.   We'll see you then.  Bye!

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