Monday, September 14, 2015

Random Thoughts 8/24/15

Answers/comments to some things from Mom:
I’ve been sending many prayers for Becky. 
That does sound like you guys have been busy!! Why did you have a BBQ? Just for fun? I miss BBQ's. People have them out here, but there's nothing like a good ol' American BBQ...
Sis. Carruth is having a baby?  COOL!
I can’t believe those kids in your seminary class are in High School now!
I've got several letters waiting for me, but the family that picked them up from the church building forgot to bring them to church yesterday!! Curses! Inconceivable!

The main reason Moves Week is less productive is that there are two P-Days instead of one. If I ever use a term in a way that doesn't make any sense, please ask for a definition! Mormons in and of themselves have their own language, and Mormon Missionaries have their own dialect of that language!! As for whitewashing, sometimes there isn't much of a choice. There was a team of sisters in one area of Belfast. One of them got really sick and had to go home. Her companion had to go over to Scotland. So the next missionaries there (it became an Elder area) were whitewashing. Other reasons are literally only known by God.
Mom asked how we do finding.  Chapping. Lots of that, yeah.  We talk to people pretty much everywhere unless we're on our way to an appointment or something. Mom asked what people usually say to us. Often-times it'd be rated R for language.  We're actually working on making a Plan of Salvation board. We've got everything but the board.  We’ll set up a table near the City Center.  Try that out for finding.  In all honesty, my only real concern is investigators.
Mom asked about me cooking for you.  Already planning on it. There's a dish called a Samoan which I'm excited to make for you.  Yea, the oatmeal with the Kool-Aid mixed in just didn’t taste very good!  I decided to have some fajitas last night.  I got all my preparations ready, made it up, got the rice boiling and I grabbed the seasoning out and just as I grabbed it out, it came to my mind, and looking back on it, it was probably the spirit.  It came to my mind, "This has been open for a very long time.  I wonder if it's bad.  I'm sure it's fine."  I dumped it in.  I finished cooking and I started eating.   Before I finished my first burrito I could tell something was wrong; there was something that was just not tasting right so I threw it out. I was terrified I would suddenly wake up and realize I got food poisoning and have a repeat - that was just 2 years ago when me and mom got food poisoning.  I didn't want a repeat of that because that wasn't too fun.  Thankfully nothing happened.  I haven't had any ill effects from it which is honestly a god send literally.  But I think Heavenly Father took pity on me.  I learned my lesson.  The spirit can prompt us even for food.
School started this past week for the kids out here.
Yesterday I opened the last bag of Cheetos! Within a few days, it'll be gone!

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