Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Captain Moroni

Here's a spiritual thought that I was studying last night:

I love Captain Moroni. I realized, while reading a bit about him, that the Mormon actually gives his age at one point. Using that as a reference, I was able to put together his life story based on what was going on while he was alive. Granted, nothing is set in stone, this is all guesswork, but I think it's cool! So here we go:

The Life of Captain Moroni
Born: About 99 BC
Commencement of the Reign of the Judges: 91 BC, age 8 (Mosiah 29:44)
War with Amlici: 87 BC, age 12 (Alma 2-3) It says that there was a great slaughter, both of women and men. So it's possible, even likely, that he lost somebody, or at least knew somebody that lost someone.
Alma in Ammonihah: 81 BC, age 18 (Alma 8-14)
War with Lamanites/Destruction of Ammonihah: 81 BC, age 18 (Alma 16) Moroni became Captain at age 25, so I'm assuming he'd had some form of experience int he Army before then. If that's so, this would probably be the first time he saw battle. Also, it says that the Captain of the Nephite Armies, Zoram, had a son named Lehi. It's possible, even probable, that this Lehi was the same Lehi that would later serve with Moroni in the war with Amalickiah. They were best friends, and it's possible that this was also when they first met.
Sons of Mosiah Return with Lamanite Converts: 77 BC, age 22 (Alma 27)
War to Protect Anti-Nephi-Lehi's: 76 BC, age 23 (Alma 28)
Korihor: 74 BC, age 25 (Alma 30)
Mission to Zoramites: 73 BC, age 26 (Alma 31-35)
War with Zerahemna: 74 BC, age 25 (Alma 43-44)
Alma Dies? Helaman becomes Prophet: 73 BC, age 26 (Alma 45)
Amalickiah Rebellion/Title of Liberty: 73 BC, age 26 (Alma 46)
Amalickiah's First Attack: 72 BC, age 27 (Alma 49)
Morianton Rebellion: 68 BC, age 31 (Alma 50)
Pahoran Becomes Chief Judge/King Men Rebellion/End of Amalickiah: 67 BC, age 32 (Alma 50-51)
Helaman Leads the Stripling Warriors: 64 BC, age 35 (Alma 53)
Letters to Pahoran: 62 BC, age 37 (Alma 59-61)
Retake Zerahemla: 61 BC, age 38 (Alma 62:1-11)
End of Ammoron & Teancum; War is over: 60 BC, Age 39 (Alma 62: 35-37)
Gives command of armies to son, Moronihah: 59? BC, Age 40?
Death of Helaman: 57 BC, Age 42 (Alma 62:52)
Death: 56 BC, Age 43

What a short life but an amazing life!

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