Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Email! - June 19, 2014

Mom and Dad,
Okay, now that I've got that out of my system...
I met up with two Elders in Chicago, Elder Livingston and Elder Johnson. We chatted for the next four hours, waiting for the flight, but, as you know, we were delayed three more hours! So we waited even longer. Finally we got onto the plane, and I sat next to this old British guy named John. He barely looked at me before asking if I was Mormon! Ha!
We chatted while we waited for the plane to take off (because even though we had the pilot and better weather, we still had to wait, like, a half hour to take off), and he had some very interesting views on the world and religion. Despite all that, he did say that he thought the Mormons were the "best of the lot" and such. I wish I could say that I changed his mind about religion and God, but he kind of dominated the conversation. Plus, I was totally freaking out that I'm a missionary!!!
Anyhow, the food was great on the flight, and they were showing an inflight movie (that was annoying haha). It was very difficult trying to sleep though. I woke up with a major...rash or burn, I don't know what it's called, but it was caused because my collar was rubbing against my neck the entire time. But the entire time I was too excited to notice anything!!
Anyhow, we arrived at the airport in Manchester, and England is beautiful!!! Driving down the highway, it looks almost exactly like Washington! Except everyone's on the wrong side of the road! It's so green, but not like Washington green, it's more grass green. Anyhow, we met up with an administrator, and helped him locate a couple more missionaries, some from as far away as Cambodia and New Zealand!! One, from Italy, can barely speak English!! It's totally weird to talk to them, trying to describe where I live, because nobody knows what America looks like! It's okay though, cuz the feeling's mutual haha
One of the first things they had us do once we got to the MTC (our driver was crazy, btw, going super fast! I thought I was a goner haha) was get on the computer and write an email to our parents! So here I am!
How's it like, living in an empty house? What happened after I went through the gate? How's Claire doing with her camp stuff? Can't wait to hear back from you guys! I love you so much and would be missing you like crazy if I wasn't so darn excited hahaha See ya!
Elder Bates
ps I got my nametag a few mintues ago! I'll try to send you a picture of it next time

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