Friday, October 31, 2014

October 20, 2014 Four Months!

Dear Fam,

As a matter of fact, my district leader has the package right now!! So I should be getting it either today or tomorrow! :)

Unfortunately, none of our appointments went through. But this next week should be good!! :D

I should be getting a hair cut today. Hopefully. Probably. Possibly.

If I get a kilt, I am not going to mail it home!! I am going to wear it!!! Not all the time, but to District Meetings, possibly.

So how was opening night? How was Claire?? I'd love a pic or two! :) Or three! Or ten!
Yesterday was my Four Month Mark!!! Man, it's gone by SO FAST!!!! 

So this week was a bit slow, I'm afraid, but it ended on a good mark. We weren't able to meet with anyone, (btw Bridy had to put her beloved dog down, so please keep her in your prayers ), but we're still optimistic! This next week we're planning to meet with a ton of members!! I think every day except Saturday we're meeting with somebody! So that should be fun!! 

We also had a Ward Missionary Fireside on Sunday! It went really well, considering we had a tiny audience! 

So, I've been really thinking about how one "feasts" on the scriptures. I really want to feast, but I'm not sure how I can re-energize my studying. Any ideas?

Love you all!! Thanks for all you do!!  Thanks for the advice, and the love and support!! :) I love you sooooooo much!! Miss you!
Elder Bates

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