Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 6, 2014 Conference Week!

Hello Fam!

How's your testimony?


I'll get to that in a second. First of all, this week's been okay. 

Elder Hanson's been sick, so we haven't gone out much. Grace is still in Prison, Ronnie moved last Sunday, but things are overall still going well. We met with Bridy this week, and we brought a member with us. That was a mistake. He really railed into her, going on about how the Catholics don't have the priesthood and such. We barely got a word in. She knows him, so hopefully she knows what he's like. We were going to meet with Billy, but unfortunately he was dealing with something that sounded serious. Here's hoping it wasn't too bad!

So about Conference! 

I was on an exchange with our District Leader in Cumbernauld on Friday, so the next day we headed to Airdrie to exchange back and then our whole district headed over to the Glasgow Stake Center to watch Conference. The Saturday Morning Session was broadcasted live from 5-7. We then all had a sleepover at the Airdrie flat. That was really fun! We played games, ate Kebabs, talked about a lot of stuff, and just had a good time. The next morning we headed back to the Stake Center to watch the Priesthood session live at 10 and then the Saturday Afternoon Session at 1. We pretty much just stayed there all day long, and this lovely family served all the missionaries lunch! That was very nice. Then the Sunday Morning Session was live at 5. I still haven't seen the Sunday Evening session, that would have been from 9-11 PM our time! I'm hoping to watch it later this week for Companionship study.  I don't know why, but Conference seems to go quicker each year!! But it was awesome!!  I loved it!! I particularly loved President Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session about pride and the whole "Lord, is it I?" . I thought it was very applicable to everyone, not just the Priesthood. Ask Dad about it. They seemed to talk a lot about following the prophet at the Sunday Morning Session! Some of us missionaries thought President Monson was going to be announcing something or rebuking us! Hahahaha I do think they were giving us a warning to build our faith in the prophets and such. So let's all remember what we learned in Primary: "Follow the Prophet! Follow the Prophet! Follow the Prophet! He knows the way!" Remember, the Lord promised us that He would never let us be led astray by false leadership! As long as we're on the side of the Prophet, we're on the Lord's side!

Elder Hanson told me the other day about an insight he had gotten once. He was reading about Korihor and the other Anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon. He found it interesting that Korihor was absolutely certain that what he was doing was right! He'd seen an Angel, who'd told him what to say! Unfortunately, that "angel" was actually Satan. So how did he not realize the problem? He hadn't prayed and asked God if what had happened was right. He didn't pray and ask God if what he had just been told was true. If he had, it would have ended very differently for him.

I love you all so much! I've had some amazing experiences this week! Conference was perfect! Such a powerful experience! I can't wait to get the next Ensign! I'm sure I'll pick up on even more things! I mean, this is new scripture!! I was talking with this one guy the other day, who asked about how we were talking about new scripture. I realized later that what I should have told him was this: "Not just new scripture, but continuous scripture! When the Prophet speaks, he is giving us scripture, just as much as when Moses or Elijah or Isaiah spoke! The old scriptures are fine, but we're talking about modern, current scripture! Straight from God!" We seem to forget that, but that's exactly what Conference is! Those Ensigns we're going to get with the Conference talks in them are just as much scripture as the New Testament!! Wow! And once we get Ipads, we'll be able to access all of it! I'm excited for that day! It'll be a great help!

Anyhow, Keep working hard and doing good things! Hold fast to the Iron Rod, no matter how easy it seems to let go! Because the alternative is completely different! I love you! And hey, in a few weeks it'll only be two months until I can skype you guys! So we got that to look forward to! :)  Thanks for sharing that about Elder Massey. I'm glad to hear that we did a good job. I hope Elder Hanson and I can continue and build on that success!

Also, how's the rabbit? Or bunny? You have a name yet?  Good luck with Seminary, Mom!
Love, Elder Bates

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