Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 It's December!

Hello Fam!

It's December! 24 days until I speak with all of ya! So exciting!!!  I also thought it'd be cool if you guys could have me on your laptop and you hold me while you run down the stairs on Christmas morning hahahaha I dunno if that's possible, but I thought that'd be cool :)

Well this week has been unfortunate sprinkled with a few moments of awesomeness. The entire time I've been sick with a horrible throat. Coughing all over the place. I was feeling particularly crummy on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm feeling much better now, but I'm still coughing a lot. I hear Claire isn't doing so hot either! Poor girl.  I'll pray for ya, Claire!

We also didn't get to pass out any Book of Mormons this week. No "biters", as I put it, so all week we just went by AUF's and did "ten-a-side", or chap ten doors each side of the door. But yeah, no biters yet. A nibble here and there maaaaaaybe but no bites.  

What a great talk Dad sent! I hope we all can stay grateful! A missionary has to remain grateful to stand through all the rejections, and being grateful in your prayers reminds you what you have to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing that Dad! :)

We had a Dinner Appointment with the Greers on Thursday, but we weren't sure if they knew about Thanksgiving. So on Wednesday we quickly bought a full chicken and cooked that up for dinner with some potatoes and veggies. Also whipped up a little gravy. It wasn't bad, though the chicken was a little dry. Then on Thanksgiving proper, we went over to the Greers, and turns out, they did know about Thanksgiving! They served us almost the EXACT SAME meal!! Of course, it was much more tasty, particularly the potatoes. Man, those potatoes were really good! But yeah, good family. They're the ones that have two sons age 16 and 18. They're both in college, so can't come out with us anymore, but they're good kids. So that was our thanksgiving! If there's anything I missed, it was Mom's rolls!!!! Ohhhhhhhh I miss those rolls.... Oh, and you guys too. I miss you guys.  I'm glad Thanksgiving was so fun! I loved the pictures, they looked like you guys had a great time! I wish you could send me rolls in your packages, but obviously that's impossible haha. When I come home, I hope there's a whole mountain of rolls waiting for me!!! Lol

We put up our tiny tree last night, I'll send you guys a pic when I can.

Anyhow, none of our appointments kept. Both Bridy and James could only meet with us on Friday, but Friday was Zone Interview Training, or ZIT. So they cancelled on us. Shame. James came to church though! Gave us two huge grocery bags full of treats!! Good ol James, keeping us fed.

So, ZIT! ZIT is where we're personally interviewed by the President and have a lot of talks from the AP's and ZL's. It was a really good meeting! Afterwards I went on an exchange with Elder Yates, my new District Leader. We had a good time. Gordon took us out for lunch at McDonalds! We tried this new burger, the winter burger. Then we helped Gordon with his talk. 

I'm sure I've mentioned helping Gordon with his talk before? He's been working on it for months, with a lot of help from us missionaries. He was VERY nervous about it! Well, he finally gave his talk yesterday!! It was really good! We were so proud of him! He was soooooooo nervous! I was sitting up on the stand because we were blessing sacrament yesterday, and I could just see how nervous he was! Then after Sacrament he goes up and begins to speak. Only, he wasn't speaking from the pulpit. He was speaking from the Music stand!!! It was so hilarious!!! The Bishop tapped his shoulder and directed him to the pulpit and he gave his talk. I was worried after that, but it really was a good talk! Honestly!

When you have the missionaries over this week remember, Missionaries love Dinner Appointments! Feed them lots of food! 

Well, that's me, I'm afraid. Good week! Some annoyances, but overall good. I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I really missed you this week! Not that I don't other weeks, but I missed Thanksgiving with the fam! Good ol' Bingo and the Indian Names. Did you guys refer to me as Callused Knuckles? Either way, I love you so much! Thanks for the love and the packages! I'm told they're withholding all packages for Christmas, so I won't be getting anything for the next three weeks. Oh, and does Claire ever talk about any boys??? ;)

Also, I love the pictures you send, but Mom's NEVER IN THEM!! Please take a selfie or something for your son.

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for 24 days from now! Sleep tight! 
Elder Bates

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