Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014 Guess where I'm going?

Hello! How are things?

I am being transferred. And yes, I'm very sad to be leaving Cumbernauld literally a week before Christmas. Wednesday is actually the Ward Christmas party! I'm missing it! James Cowie is going to be Santa. I'd have loved to see that. I'm going to miss those guys, but especially the kids. I loved those little kids! You want to know something? We got the call right after this Stake Christmas Truce show. I told Sister Black, the wife of the Bishop, and a bunch of other members. Anyhow, so little Ben Black comes running up to me and is like "You're leaving! No!" Oh, I just melted. We're having dinner with them tonight, so I'll have a proper goodbye with him then. It's so sad! Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to Inverness, but I'm going to miss Cumbernauld Ward.

Last week you asked for a play-by-play on my week. So I took extra care to write in my journal as much as I could about the week!


So today was a really great day. A Five Guys opened up in downtown Glasgow!! Us and the Airdrie Elders met up there and bought our burgers. We weren't the only ones with this idea in mind! By the time our food arrived, there were at least 12 missionaries at the restaurant! Oh it was so good!! It was an American burger! They must've shipped the meat from America, because it was NOT a British burger! Elder Hanson had to pay nearly fifteen pounds to get a bacon cheeseburger and some fries and a drink!! We realized that he'd spent over $20!!!! It was definitely worth it, but we won't be able to go there often. We just walked around Glasgow after that. I told you about studying my patriarchal blessing, right? That night, we were going to go to James Cowie's, but he had to cancel, he had to get a tooth pulled. We moved it to Thursday.


Today was District Meeting! We had an awesome district meeting! We were talking about some really deep stuff! Basically the meat of it was that the whole purpose of life is to gain intelligence. And apparently, that and the Fall are the only things that are keeping us from becoming Gods! And we found a scripture that says that following Satan actually decreases your intelligence! How crazy is that! So on our way home after that, Brother McDonald invited us over for dinner! Our train was running late, so we arrived just in time! Then we went to Ward Council, and finally went home! So a good day! Oh, and I've been keeping track and today was day number 160 on my mission!


We went by an AUF, and then had to high-tail it back to the Church building for Ward Choir Practice! After practice, this one member gave Elder Hanson and I some microwave meals! We were very glad to get those, because our oven wasn't in good shape. Anyhow, these "meals" were really in British proportion, not American. It was soooooooo small! But it was filling. So throughout the day we thought it was snowing! But then we realized it was hail. But then I felt it and I realized it wasn't really hail, it was just really really compact snow!! Like a cross between snow and hail. So was it snowing or hailing? Hmmmmm...


Thursdays are Weekly Planning days, so the entire first half of the day is spent in the flat. And thank goodness for that!! It was snowing like crazy!!! I haven't seen snowfall like that since Chicago!!! It was a complete blizzard!! We usually have Bridy, but she'd cancelled. So that night was dinner at the Foots. They had to end early, so we had an extra half hour before James. We spent it finishing up weekly planning with a Point thirteen. Ask Marie about what that is. James was great! He made us soup! I Love James. We're meeting with him tonight! I'll hopefully be able to say goodbye to him then. 


We worked at the Salvation Army for a while. They had us working on their books. We would take any tattered or worn books and put them in a box for shipping. It was kinda fun. Then we worked a little bit on our talks for Sunday. We both gave talks. After that we went by a couple of AUF's. Neither of them were in. 


We had a surprise Flat inspection! We were just getting some lunch when we got the call that they were on their way. We rushed back to the flat, cleaned up.  We passed! We weren't too organized looking, but yeah. We were good. And the Brownings (they're the senior couple that does flat checks) brought me your package!! The one that says don't open before December 1st! It was the thirteenth, but oh well! I loved it! Thanks for bringing us cheer! We loved it! 


So today was Moves Call. We both gave talks in Sacrament meeting. I spoke on Sharing the Gospel. I quoted from this talk by Elder Oaks of the same name. Then I talked about Ammon and Amulek and their examples of sharing the gospel. I picked up on something I haven't before! So after the servants of King Lamoni brought the arms to him, it says he was astonished at Ammon's power. But then when the servants told him that he was feeding the King's horses, it says that he was even MORE astonished!! More astonished than all the arms!! And I know a bit about warfare and swords, and I can tell you that it takes great strength and skill to slice off arms, but this King was more astonished that Ammon was so faithful than his fighting skills. So cool! So after church we had a dinner/lunch appointment with the McGregors. I love their kids! Ollie is the youngest, he's three. He's so energetic! It's awesome! And no one can understand him haha. So after that we had to get a bus to go to Glasgow. The Christmas Devotional was showing that night at the Glasgow Stake Center, and they were also doing a presentation on the Christmas Truce. So we got off the bus in downtown Glasgow and we were heading for the Train station when we were stopped by this woman passing out flyers to this Church Christmas Choir that was going on at the same time as the stuff we were going to. She was trying really hard to make us go to her thing instead. She wanted to show us the building it was in, but when we arrived, she tried to get us to go in. Oh all the side comments that were coming from her! It just makes my blood boil! As I was thinking about it, I made a promise to myself to never be that kind of missionary. I'm going to be respectful of others' time and religion for one. And if I leave someone with something to think about, it'll be something positive, like "Think about all the great things God has done" or whatever. Not "Think about your leadership." Yeah that's what she said. "Okay, I'll think about it. Hmmm... Twelve Apostles... And Prophets... Why does that sound so familiar!?" Anyways, we arrived at the Stake Center just in time for Elder Eyring's talk. But we couldn't go into the chapel because the place was absolutely filled!!! I've never seen that place with so many people!!! It was awesome! The Truce program was pretty good too. We stood outside while we got our calls. Elder Hanson was told he was staying in Cumbernauld with an Elder Rogers. Then he gave the phone to me and went inside. President told me that I'm going tooooooooo.......


Know where that is? NEITHER DO I!!! First thing President told me about the area is that it is absolutely beautiful! I'm serving with Elder Wells. Elder Fassold loves that guy, so I think it should be great! Elder Wells is the District Leader. I'll be the Assistant to the District Leader! The "Power behind the Throne", if you will. Mwahahaha!! Apparently that zone covers Loch Ness, and it's tradition for every elder to take a drink from Loch Ness! So if I see Nessie I'll be sure to shoot a pic for ya!

So that was my week! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the videos! I can't wait to watch them!

So I did find out a bit about what's going to happen next week. So next Monday I'm only going to get 1 hour for emailing, so I'm not going to respond to any family emails. I'll read them! So still send them to me! But I won't respond unless there's something important or whatever. Now as for Christmas day! You'll have to send me your Skype account username so I can Skype you from a Members place. I don't know anything about Inverness yet, so I don't know how it'll all work. I'll send you more details when I get there. They say we're limited to 40 minutes.  Can't wait!!!  So about Christmas... I sent a package for the fam to Mom and Dad last Wednesday. Hopefully it'll arrive on time! Now, I want you guys to open it BEFORE Christmas! Or at least before I skype you guys. That way, if you have any questions about what's in it, you can just ask.

I love you sooooooo much!! Can't wait to hear from you!  And see you!!  Do you realize that this week my mission is already 1/4 done!?!?!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I'm heading off to become buds with Nessie! 
Elder Bates

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