Monday, December 29, 2014

December 22, 2014 Skype!

Sounds like a good old fashioned Bates Family Christmas!!

I'm glad you got my package! I'm very glad you enjoyed it so much! I'd love to answer any questions you have during the Skype. I can totally picture Marie dancing around the lawn with my package hahaha

I'm glad Makayla's papers are in. That's so cool! She's gonna love it!

Okay, so this is the information I know about SKYPE. On Christmas Day we're hanging out with one family from 9:30 till 12. Then we're going  with the Clark family from 3 to 9. They're the ones I'm going to be doing Skype with. I'll try to Skype with you starting between 4 and 6 our time. I'll email you before I get on Skype so you can be ready. Our phones can't call or text outside of the UK. I'll just email you when I want to Skype, so keep your phone handy and the wifi ready!  If you guys have any questions, I'm happy to answer them! But I also want to hear from YOU!!! ALL of you! I won't be satisfied if all I do is talk the entire 40 minutes! Hahaha  Sound good?

Well, I would tell you about Inverness, but I'll save it for Skype, fair enough? Just know that it is beautiful!! AND FREEZING!!! 

Anyways, can't wait to talk with you!!!! AAAHHH!  Love you!!! I'll be seeing you soon!! Give M a big birthday hug for me!! LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!
Elder Bates

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