Monday, January 12, 2015

December 29, 2014 Sorry!

I had a wonderful time talking with you guys! I was disappointed that I couldn't see you too well, but I didn't want to waste any of our precious time trying to fix it.  So yeah, that was too bad but really cool! Sorry about all the interruptions by all those kids and such haha

I loved all those packages!! You'll never believe it, but we got sooooooooooo much food!!! Each family here got us something, like cookies or chocolate boxes. But one family gave us SEVEN huge grocery bags full to the brim with food!!!! We won't have to go shopping today!!! Nearly two weeks of food! Crazy! I'm looking forward to diving into all those goodies! Unfortunately, the box of lemon heads was solid as a brick!  But I can still chip away at it! Delicious! The only thing I wish I'd gotten was some Warheads! But I honestly got everything I wanted anyways, so no reason to complain! I'm so glad I got two sweaters! It's been freezing up here! So cold! I don't know what the weather forecast is saying, but it feels even colder, I promise you!

I'm glad you guys had a great holidays!  The NYE Dance is going to be fun for Claire!

Good for Makayla!! Korea, wow! Seoul right? I know a guy going there too! Spencer's coming home!? Man I thought he'd just left! Missions are just too fast, ya know!? Slow down! Jeez!!

On Christmas I felt I was intruding the whole time I was at people's houses. We did play games with the families, which was fun, but it was just so awkward because I didn't know any of them... But, you just gotta keep moving forward. And that's what I'm gonna do.

Oh I wish I had time to email you guys! I was prepared to tell you all about Inverness, but I didn't quite foresee the voluminous agglomeration of Christmas emails I'd receive from people back home!!  Awesome!!!
But I will tell you that today I finally achieved one of my dreams: I got to visit LOCH NESS!!!!!!!! Yeah!! A member picked us up and drove us around the Loch!! I got plenty of pictures which I'm going to send Dad soon. It was the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen!! I haven't seen a more beautiful spot!! Not just the lake, but around it too!! So beautiful!! It was bitter cold but it was so great!! It's actually really tiny! 22 miles long! Only a mile and a half wide at the widest! Really small! But it's over 1000 feet deep! And the member has "seen" Nessie too!! He's a marine expert, doing dives and such for commercial and private jobs. Apparently he was doing some kind of sonar scan of the Loch, and he and his friend detected something huge right beneath them! But before they could record it, it disappeared. Cool huh!?
I really did love the packages you sent and the time we took talking with each other!! Thank you for that!! I love you so much!! Merry Christmas!! Have a great New Years Eve!! Talk to ya in 2015!!!

Elder Bates

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