Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 Moves Call!

Dear Family,

Transfers!  Guess who's going back to Cumbernauld!!

I don't know either, but it isn't me! I'm staying with Elder Wells in Inverness! I'm really excited about it too! Really glad!

I love it when Mom and Dad send such long emails! It was great this week!

As for church yesterday, Barry doesn't have a car, and he lives pretty darn far from the church building. So we have no idea how to get him there! We'll figure it out somehow. And Rieley was staying with his Dad this weekend, so he couldn't come either. The only non-member that came was the boyfriend of this one young woman. And he honestly didn't seem that interested. But hey! I've been proven wrong before! And I love it!!

As for your question, I'll take a leaf from Brian Reagan: "Well let me answer you that by asking you this:" Do you realize just how amazing it is that you can read? Because, let me tell ya, not everyone can. Barry can read, but he has ADHD so he can't focus long enough to read the entire Book of Mormon. The entire time we've been teaching him, he's only read the captions underneath the chapter headings because he can't focus enough to read. And he's not the only one. Before my mission, I just assumed everyone could read. But nope! Many have a disability that forces them from reading, but there are also many that simply can't read! It is so sad! But we also start with the introduction because it's simpler. We tell people what the Book of Mormon is, and ask them to read that intro. It's a lot less stressful asking them to read a page than the entire book! As for the lesson, we simply ran out of time. We had to get going, so we had to cut it short. It happens quite often, actually. This is a LOT of material to cover!! I mean, we're explaining to them the story of their entire existence!!!! It takes a while!

When it comes to snow, I've always thought that it's warmer with snow than without. However, as a missionary, snow is still freezing cold ha ha

Oh cool! Maybe you'll be watching the game while I'm emailing you!! Go Seahawks!!! We're gonna get another Superbowl win!! You have to tell me how it turns out!

I'm glad everyone's doing well. Life is going on, so that's good. I pray for you every night.

Thanks for your testimony, it was really nice. And thanks for the scriptures too, they were nice! 

What a cool trip, Laura! You lucky dog! I love the story of Brielle with the swimsuit too haha she looks awesome! And I like how you're rocking the fedora! Looking good!! Ha I miss my fedora now... I almost bought one the other day, but when would I wear it? But I'm glad you're using one! And yeah, I have been missing those letters! Course, it's not fair when your companion's got a girlfriend that's constantly writing him haha

Anyways, I have no time so here's my week: Barry isn't ready for Baptism yet, he's got a problem with some stuff he's read off the internet. Met with Rieley this week and taught him the plan of salvation! He was quiet but his mom said he liked it and they talked about it all night. So that was good. Anyways don't have anymore time to talk! Got to go! LOOOOOOVE YOUUUU!!!
Keep being awesome!

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