Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 16, 2015 Sorry about last week!

Hiya Fam! 

We finally taught Fionnuala (it's Irish. It's pronounced Finula), which went really well. We taught her this week as well, and she came to church too!! She's got a lot of questions, but I think she's sincere in her reading of the Book of Mormon and such. She's probably at Enos now! She came to church this Sunday! She found it very different from the sunday services she's used to (Catholic), but she even said "I'm sure I'll get used to it." I'll take that as a good sign!  She's got a lot of questions, which she seems to get off the internet, which bothers me. Last lesson we talked about how the best answer she can get is from God, and the simplest answer is on whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. 

Bo: still having difficult trials. He feels very unappreciated. And he always shrugs off our reassurances by saying that we "have to be nice".

John: we got a phone call from John one night. He was VERY drunk. He was saying something about how he had been at the Doctors office for chemotherapy and that he had some bad news to tell us. But later in the week, when we went by, he was sober and he didn't say a thing. I'm a little worried, but he seemed pretty normal. Lots of questions.

Armstrongs: yes they are members, but they don't come to church. Andrew gave me a paper with his conversion story on it, and it's pretty great!

Vincent: He was going to come to church this last Sunday, but both of his brothers are in terrible shape health wise, so he stayed home, "waiting for a phone call". One has cancer, and the other broke his collar bone by falling. Scary!

Also last week, we had a very special conference. Elder Holland was in Edinburgh, and they broadcasted the conference across the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland! So I got to listen to Elder Holland!!! IT WAS AWESOME!! He bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He had some amazing things to say. He said that the Book of Mormon was written to "try our faith"! I've never thought of that before, but for those people learning about the church, yes it really does! He said so many cool things.

This week was an All Ireland Conference! All the Missionaries from Northern Ireland and the Republic met in Dublin. I was in Dublin!!! :) :) It's a nice looking city! Much newer than Belfast. Absolutely beautiful countryside going down, too! I tried to take pictures, but they didn't really capture the beauty of it. In the train station, btw, there was this big screen that kept playing the trailer for the new Jurassic World movie. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty sweet! Made me trunky! ;)

Anyhow, it was probably the last time I'll ever see President Brown as my Mission President! That's sad... But it was great! He made a challenge for every missionary which I'd like to repeat for you guys: have a small notebook with you at all times. Whenever you receive a prompting, no matter what it is, write it down. At the end of the day, review the list of promptings, and write down whether you followed them or not, and what became of it. I've been doing it. It's interesting! I urge you to try it!

On Wednesday, we committed Hilaire to be baptized on the 27th! And he accepted!! We met with him again on Saturday, and he was very different from normal! Hilaire doesn't really display his emotions. Like, he rarely smiles. Even in photographs. He's also pretty quiet unless we ask him a question. But not on Saturday! He was so excited to be baptized!! He was so giddy, it was awesome!! :) He won't be able to come to Church this past Sunday nor the next Sunday due to premade plans. We'll be teaching him about keeping the Sabbath day holy next... he's awesome!! :)

Everyone else is doing fine. We were able to actually commit John to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. He said himself that what really caught his attention was when I was telling him about how we have Modern day Apostles and Prophets. Bearing testimony is always the best way to teach! 

So yesterday was Zone Development again! That's why I'm emailing on Tuesday. It was super fun! We were right next to a beach, and we played a massive game of Zombie Tag. That's where two people start off as Zombies, and everyone else is a survivor, and they wear a bandanna tied across their forehead (Rambo style!). The survivors are armed with dodge balls, and they have to hit the zombies before they tag them. If a zombie gets hit, they have to spin five times and then keep chasing the survivors! At the same time, the survivors have to be solving a puzzle, looking for clues and such. And if they figure it out, they get the "antidote" (a couple of nerf guns) and they have to shoot all the zombies, which cures them! It was really fun! I became infected pretty quickly, so if the Zombie apocalypse does happen, you don't want to be on my team! Haha I'm pretty sore from all the running, honestly! It's tough being the undead!

Mom asked if I see alot of red heads.  There really isn't, actually. A few, but not a lot. I see maybe one a day. There are many Mcsomethings, but again, it's not as common as people think. Also, there is a difference between, say, McDonald, and MacDonald. One is Irish, the other is Scottish. Just an interesting bit of trivia!  They say "yous" here so I have started saying it too.  I'm drinking in the culture! 

Well, that's a good rundown of my week. Got to hear from an Apostle, saw President Brown for the last time, committed Hilaire for baptism, had Finula at church, and became a zombie. Pretty successful week, wouldn't you say?

Anyhow, love you guys! Keep on working hard! This week is my year mark! A year from today, I'll be sitting with you guys, eating Monkey Bread, playing Kube, and joking. That's enough thinking of that. I still got work to do! :) 


Elder Bates

PS  I love my mother!!!!!!! :)

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