Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 26, 2015 Prune the hedges of many small villages

 "Pruning the hedges of many small villages....."
That's what I did yesterday instead of emailing you. Made me think of you guys though! :)  I was doing service for Brother Ward, the Ward Mission Leader. As an interesting side note, his wife is from Poland! I love her accent. 

This week has been good! Here's some updates:

Finding: Finding has had some great success! We taught the Restoration on this one woman's doorstep! She's a Uni student (that's what college is called, Uni) and she's Catholic but she was very willing to give the Book of Mormon a try. 

Hilaire: Hilaire brought his two children to a Ward Picnic on Friday! His kids had a blast, and, after a little hesitancy, Hilaire had a good time as well. They all came to church too!! Our Primary President, Sister Beattie, was absolutely FANTASTIC with the kids!! :) His 9-year old girl even asked for a Faith in God booklet!  Hilaire is still having some difficulty deciding whether to join with us, or stay with the church he's currently going to. But we taught him about fasting, and he agreed to fast about it. We're pretty confident that his coming to church will be a great catalyst for it too. 

Vincent: we haven't heard from him all week! We're really worried about him! So please pray for him. We are!

John: Sorry I forgot to say his name last week!! We went by this week. He was completely sober, and he was SO teachable!! It was fantastic!! He hasn't come to church.  We HAVE to get him off his drink to teach him!!

As for building a ship vs. a barge, Building a barge requires GREAT faith in the Lord!! You can't steer a barge!!  You just have to get in and go where the Lord takes you.

That's a great story about Jeff going to the temple to get answers! It shows what kind of man he is. I miss the temple so much!! I love this gospel! It's so awesome!! :) I'm so sad all the time because I see so many people without it, and I know they're rejecting it. But I love it still! :)
Well, I have to go! Sorry! Love you all soooooooo much!!! :)
Elder Bates

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