Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Mother,

Actually, Zone D-Day is next week. So thanks for the note! :)

I am extremely jealous about that!!! You HAVE to take me now! Skydiving... Elder Christofferson... Dance Festival... everything awesome happens when I'm gone! :( ;)

Things are going really really well! Elder McPherson and I have been really working hard to become better more consecrated missionaries. And we've had some success!! Our friendship has been growing, and we're becoming better teachers and better preachers ha

I got an email from Julie today! She said that she met you! It's so weird that she's home! I haven't heard from Andrew. I think he's home too.

You asked about hair cuts and sister missionary's.  I got my hair cut at this barber shop in downtown Belfast. Quickest hair cut I've ever had! Probably because I didn't have him do much with it, but even so! 
Aside from District Meetings and Zone stuff, no I don't have much to do with the sisters. But they're bosses!  Have you ever heard of Missionary Goggles? 

I also have to tell you, I had this dream a few nights ago. I was coming home from my mission! But somehow I missed my plane, so I had to get on a later one. I finally arrived at the house, opened the front door and shouted "I'm Home!" I walked through and found you all eating at the dining room table with a pair of missionaries. Anyhow, to make a long story short, everyone was in bed but, because of the time difference, I was wide awake, so I was just roaming around the house. You came down and told me it was really late and I should be going to bed. Then you started tearing up and said " I'm so glad to see you!" then you gave me a big hug. I woke up then, and I could still feel the hug. It was distinctly your hug. And I could hear you saying " I love you Elder Bates." It was a really amazing experience. 

Elder Bates

 PS  Claire asked me about Patch Crowe. He's serving in Belfast. I've played sports with him several times. He's a cool guy. But now she'll badger me for a picture haha ;)

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