Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 11, 2014 Last week of my first transfer!

Last night, we had moves call! No worries, Elder Massey and I are still together for the next six weeks but the other two companionships in our district are changing. Both Elder Allens are leaving, and both Elders McCallister and Dewsberry are training! All three companionships in our District will be training! It's going to be awesome!

Per tradition, the night before Moves Call, Elder Massey and I ate Kebabs. I had actually been "Kebab-tized" last Monday during P-Day! I got the largest Kebab we could find, which was larger than a Pizza box! And I had to eat the whole thing! I couldn't, but I did my best! It was delicious, too! Basically, a Kebab is this roll with meat in the middle. Special red sauce is put on, and you often get salad inside as well. The meat is referred to as "Mystery Meat" because nobody knows what's in it! I found a piece of bone in mine on Saturday hahaha. Such fun.

Anyhow, this week has been great! Every one of our Investigator Lessons were Joint Teaches, so that's great! We met with Stuart & Teresa again on Tuesday, and Stuart served us Lasagna, which, quite honestly, was the BEST LASAGNA I'VE EVER HAD!!!!! Sorry, Mom, but this Lasagna was just too cheesy to compare!

On Wednesdays, we try to do Family History. This Wednesday, while doing Family History, I decided to find out which Scottish Clan we come from! I looked it up, and apparently we're from Clan Mackay! They're way up north, and their tartan is very cool! It's blue and green, to signify... I don't remember, but I think it has something to do with the sea and the highlands. 

On Thursday, we were really excited to meet with this one woman, Paula, who seems pretty solid, but she cancelled on us. :( However, because she cancelled on us, we met this other girl who is awesome! We were talking with her about God and how to find out if He's there, and she thought she wasn't worthy to know God. We talked with her about the contrary, and talked about how Baptism can wash us of our sins and make us clean. She said that would be amazing!!!! We're meeting with her tomorrow!! So the Lord truly does work in mysterious ways!

On a more spiritual side, I've been studying the "How to Recognize the Spirit" section of PMG, and I found it extremely enlightening! It really impressed me to make my prayers more meaningful and respectful, and already I can tell a huge difference! Prayer is an amazing resource, and it can not be taken for granted!

Also, I finished reading the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ at about the same time. I love the Book of Mormon, and I really enjoyed reading Jesus the Christ too, which I've never read before. I love my Savior and all he does for me! The Book of Mormon is amazing, and it truly is the word of God! Keep reading it, all of you!

From what I hear, I won't be getting the package with the camera charger for another two weeks, so you won't be able to get any pictures for another three weeks. Sorry! I assure you that you'll be getting plenty of pictures once I get it!

I love you all so much, and think about you often! Thank you for your love and support! I love your emails as well! Keep being awesome, and stay true to the faith!

Elder Bates

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