Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 26, 2014 What a week!

Hello, Fam!

What an interesting week! I'm not sure if Mom told you, but I lost my wallet on a train earlier this week. Luckily, someone turned it in, so all's well. But the story behind it is HILARIOUS.

First of all, on Tuesday I was on an exchange with Elder Glasgow, who's fresh from the MTC. Awesome guy. We all think it was destiny that sent him to the Glasgow Zone hahaha Anyways, it was his first exchange, so I'm now his "Godfather", like how Elder Massey is my "Father". So, we had to take the bus to get to this one area we were going to be chapping. I looked on a map, and found out which bus we needed to take. We got to the bus stop, and the schedule doesn't even mention that bus. I assumed that since the map was old, they might have changed the buses around. So we take another bus that I assumed would take us to the area.

I was wrong.

We didn't realize until we were already on the freeway that we were on the bus to Glasgow.

During the ride back, we talked with this Muslim guy (he had a sick beard btw) and were able to give him a Book of Mormon! So it was all worth it ha ha not really. 

We got back just in time for Ward Council.

I'm afraid I caught Elder Massey's cold, and we were quite miserable. I'm good now, so that's nice.

Thursday was very interesting. For one thing, it was the exact opposite of normal: It literally poured every time we came inside! We were very grateful for it, obviously! We also had two meal appointments! One was with Teresa, who says she's praying about a specific day now!

On Saturday, we met with Grace again! We met with her at the church, so when we taught her about the First Vision, we took a "field trip" to the big painting every church building has. It was really cool! She committed again to come to church. Apparently, she takes sleeping pills, but last week she took them too late and slept through Church. This week we're assuming the same thing happened because she didn't come again. But she kept saying she really wanted to go to church so I know she will come eventually!

After Church Sunday we had a ward Munch-n-Mingle, which was really good. Elder Massey and I brought cookies from Tesco, and they were gone like that! We met with Steve Reeson again. He actually came out and said that he knew the next step for him was to actually make an effort to come to church! He's scared to because every time he meets with us, his life gets worse! And he knows it's because of Satan, and if he goes to church, it's going to get REALLY worse!! But he made the commitment, so here's hoping for him! Please pray that he'll have a better week this week, because his life is really bad. I don't know how it can get worse unless he gets evicted (which his landlord already tried, but it was apparently illegal to evict him for some reason) and is homeless.

So you're probably wondering why I'm emailing you Tuesday instead of Monday. The reason is because we had Zone Development Day yesterday! Basically, what Zone Development Day is, it's a Zone-wide party. We all get together and spend the entire day playing games and just getting to know one another better. It was really fun! We started off playing Yoga Football, which is British Football played with one of those Yoga Balls. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we played Capture the Flag. We weren't keeping score, but if we were, my team won three times out of five. ;) Then we headed to the church building for dinner (PULLED PORK SANDWHICHES!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!) and some more games. Elder Massey and I had to leave just when they were picking teams for dodgeball, unfortunately, in order to be back before 9:00. We missed the train, so we didn't get back until 9:30 I'm afraid. But overall, it was an awesome day! I'm just super sore from all the running hahaha

So about my investigators! This awesome guy Ronnie, who I don't know if I've mentioned before, texted us the other day. The reason we hadn't been able to get in contact with him last week was because he'd been stabbed three times!!!!! So please pray for a speedy recovery, and I'll be sure to send you details (but not too much details!) when I get them! Robert won't be able to meet with us for the next two weeks, so that's too bad. Kieveer isn't exactly in the picture anymore. We don't know what happened, but yeah. Elaine, this really nice old lady we met, doesn't want to get involved in any religion just yet, she's still mourning the death of her husband and dog a few months ago. We haven't seen Claire either, we keep missing her. And this young couple, Scott and Linzi. So your prayers for them would be greatly appreciated. 

So overall, life's been good. No complaints, at least. I love this work! I love sharing this gospel which has blessed me so much in my life! I love you all so much too and I really enjoy reading your emails! Thanks for your love and support! :)


Elder Bates

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