Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 4, 2014 July's Gone!

I'm told that every drop of rain that falls on you on your mission makes up BWP's, or Beautiful Wife Points. If so, these last two days alone ought to make her a supermodel!Our beautiful sunny weather is gone now. I'll miss it greatly. Instead it's been rain rain rain. What's more, every single appointment we've made this week with an investigator or potential has fallen through. That in and of itself is sad, but what's more, that means we have to spend all day outside chapping doors in the rain. Yay!
It had rained off and on throughout the week, but it only truly rained Saturday. It was HORRIBLE!!! Like I said, we were stuck outside all day long. I had to throw my rain jacket into the dryer when we got home for lunch! And yesterday was even worse. We came inside for dinner and I hung up my jacket on the corner of our door. Water started dripping off the sides and made a puddle on the carpet!  Anyhow, you're not here to listen to me talk about the weather.
This week has been interesting. Our numbers were horrible, but everything not numbered has been great! This week I had my first experiences of being "reviled by men". The first instance was honestly more comical, though the other was much less so. The first instance I was on an exchange with an Elder McCallister. We were chapping houses in this area, when we get to this one house. The first person to come to the door is this little boy, probably Claire's age or younger. He just starts laughing and closes the door before we say much. This guy then opens the door and comes outside wearing nothing but a towel. He says he wants to know "the good word" and such. This kid was standing outside and was being the cheekiest, rudest, most annoying kid you can possibly imagine. He kept saying just stuff, and laughing at us. Finally he goes inside, and I'm thinking "phew, finally!" But then he comes back out and slaps my name tag. I look down, and there's something white on it. I seriously thought it was mayonaise, but instead it was soft cheese. He starts laughing his head off as I just stare at it. I couldn't take my eyes off it, it was the strangest thing. A small piece of the cheese fell off onto the ground, and the kid picked it up and put it on my nose! The guy in the towel was yelling at the kid to go away and such, and we just left after that. However! We were chapping more doors along the same street and the kid comes by holding a glass of water. He apologizes. And then throws the water at Elder McCallister. We saw the kid later in the week, when I was with Elder Massey again. Elder Massey tried to talk with the woman that was with him, but the kid took our pass along card and ripped it right in front of us. But the guy in the towel was very solid! He was talking about how he wanted to repent for the sins he'd committed in his life and such. On our way back, we passed the house and he stuck his head out and confirmed our appointment, telling us to make sure to call him!! We're supposed to be seing him today, but we can't, and we haven't been able to get a hold of him yet. But the kid said that both his parents are dead, so I don't know what his relationship is with the guy (Scott) or the woman he was with later. But honestly, I feel bad for the kid cuz he's going to go nowhere in life and end up sad and alone.
The second instance was much less funny. Elder Massey and I were chapping doors Friday in this one court neighborhood. We were on our third door when we heard someone speaking. We turned around and there was this guy standing outside his door with his dog. We just ignored him and went on around the street. The entire time he's watching us. We'd already decided not to chap his door if he went inside. But he hadn't! He was still outside when we came by his house. His dog was the same breed as Lucky, so I said "Nice dog", intending to talk about Lucky and calm him down a bit. But he said "She is. Don't touch her." He then started ranting at us! How we were annoying everybody and forcing our religion down people's throats. Elder Massey started to say something, but the man told him to shut up. Massey said he had the right to speak, and such. But he would have none of it. He told us to not go to the next house, which was the last house in the neighborhood. We asked if he owned the house and he said no so we went to the next door and knocked it. He kept telling us to go away, but honestly he knew he could do nothing to us. The guy was just a bully, and we simply ignored him after we left his yard. Honestly, I realized that what I should have said was "Respect is given where respect is earned", but he wouldn't have listened anyways. I'm glad we didn't talk too long with him, because he was certainly just one of those people that you simply can't talk to. 
So yeah, those are some of my experiences this week! Honestly, they sound bad, but nearly everybody here is at least polite to us. We never get any doors slammed in our faces (though Elder Massey thinks that might be because they care too much about their doors haha) and I only get sworn at maybe once a week. (Though this week we got two) But yeah, most everyone's very nice and polite.
Also, I thought I should mention what kind of food we eat in a normal week.  Every Monday we usually buy a jug of milk (the sizes are different: liters not gallons) two jugs of juice each, and two or three jars of curry. Indian food is HUGE here in Britain!! The Missionaries always keep saying that I have to eat this one food called a Kebab, and thus be "Kebab-tized"! The curry is either very good or just fine. We cook beef and rice to eat with it. We also buy two pizzas and anything good in the "reduced to clear" section. The other week, for example, we got like six venison burger patties which were DELICIOUS!!! Last week wasn't so great, but we did get some turkey breasts. And every other week we buy a box of cereal and a loaf of bread.
 Grace asked us to not come by, because she didn't think she was worth it. We told her we thought otherwise, but she persisted. We're going to wait a week or two and try by again. Didn't get to meet or even hear from any of the others, though we're planning to meet with Teresa tomorrow.
I am doing great! I'm tired, but I'm honestly peppy! Thats the only word I can use to describe it: peppy! I honestly think it's been a godsend, because I thought all the rejections would really get me down, but no!! I've been happy and peppy!
Anyhow, everything's going well out here! I really enjoy reading the Book of Mormon every day (I started Ether today!) and I love being able to share the gospel to people, and meeting so many interesting children of God! I love you all and look forward to next week's email! Have a good week!
Elder Bates

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