Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 15, 2014 This is going to be an interesting week!

This is going to be a VERY interesting week!

First off, the Referendum. That's the official name for the Vote over Independence! They promised that the results will be up by midnight Thursday, but we don't know when exactly. If it's late, Elder Massey and I will probably be awoken by fireworks if it's a yes! Or explosions if it's a no! Some people are very serious about this. But no worries! We're servants of the Lord! We'll be protected if anything serious was to happen!  Thursday and Friday are going to be complete busts. No one will want to talk to us, no matter what the result is! I'm hoping to get my hands on a newspaper if it's a Yes vote. I have to have something to prove that I was in Scotland when they went independent!

Secondly, next Wednesday, it's very likely that I'll have a new companion!! I'll definitely know by next Monday, so that's crazy! Either way, I'll be done being trained! I'll be a full fledged Missionary!!! I'm excited, but also sad to be saying goodbye to Elder Massey. He's been really great, and well loved by the people of Cumbernauld. I hope I can ease his "passing" for the Ward, but we'll see.

My testimony has been great! This morning for personal study, I read the May 2013 Conference Ensign, and Elder Holland's talk was very great! I know he's always great, but this one was very helpful for me! I wish I could remember what it was called, I think it's "Help thou my unbelief" or something. That's how he starts, with that story about the man with the sick child. It was very good! There was another talk by a Seventy that was about receiving Heavenly Father's acceptance. It was really inspiring, and I hope you can find time to read them as well. 

I don't have very much time, so I'll have to just tell you about the people! Yes, William's story was great. I'm really glad I could have that experience. We haven't been able to contact him this week. We weren't able to contact Billy all week until last night. He's still interested! Oh, and his last name's Walker, not Williams. Grace is awesome! So awesome! I'm so excited about her!

Teresa's pretty complicated. We weren't able to meet with her this week! We're really excited about this woman Fiona. She was contacted and given a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet a few weeks ago. Last week, we unknowingly talked with her partner as well and gave him another pamphlet! They both read the pamphlets and discussed them with each other and asked each other questions about them, and they both realized they didn't know the answers!! So we're going to be helping hopefully both of them later this week! 

We were able to meet with Grace twice this week! The first time was good, but last night was amazing! She came to the door and said "I'm very proud of myself! I've been able to go five days without marijuana, cigarettes, and only a little alcohol! And I've just been so happy lately! I know it's because of you guys and because of Him!" she was pointing up at that last part. It was a great experience! 

I wish I could tell you guys more, particularly about the King Julien Area Authority at Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday! You know, from Madagascar? He was awesome. But I've really got to go! 

So I'll leave you with this: This church is true, the Book of Mormon is God's word, the Doctrine and Covenants also. I love this gospel, and I love the Twelve Apostles and Thomas S. Monson! I'm really excited for General Conference!! I love you all and miss you! Keep going forward with faith!  I love you so much and I miss the whole family! I know you guys are constantly being blessed, and I know the Savior is behind you, gently pushing you, and encouraging you to keep moving forward. After all, it's His work we're doing!

Elder Bates

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