Monday, September 29, 2014

September 22, 2014 Moves Week!

Dear Fam,

This week is Moves Week! We got a call last night from the AP's, and received our assignments!! Elder Massey is heading off back to Ireland!  I'll be staying in Cumbernauld and my new companion is named Elder Hanson! I know nothing about him.  On Tuesday night we'll be staying the night in Glasgow so Elder Massey can catch the early bus to the coast to ride the ferry to Ireland. I'll be staying in Glasgow until Elder Hanson arrives. Wednesday is going to be pretty crazy!

As to the Vote... What a disappointment. The day before everyone was going around wearing Yes or No Thanks stickers on their shirts. Scottish flags were flying everywhere or emblazoned across windows or cars. It was really cool! They didn't close the polling stations until 10:30, and they didn't expect to finish counting before 6 in the morning. We didn't hear about it until about 7:30, when the two Elders in Airdrie (we're good friends with them) texted us.  But I was disappointed because I knew just how devastated everyone would be. Nearly EVERYONE in Cumbernauld was voting Yes. And everyone is absolutely devastated. I wish I could tell you what has been happening out here, but the White Handbook says I can't. Suffice to say that I am more proud to be an American than ever before.

But anyhow, let's get onto a more happy subject! Namely, the Gospel!! 

First of all, on Monday we hung out with the Airdrie Elders. Elder Glasgow has a picture that's really cool. It's of all the Presidents of the church in white suits inside the Temple. It's sick! In a good way. Elder Massey's been begging for it. Finally on Monday, while both Elders were busy changing, he slipped the picture in his backpack and left 20 pence. It was the greatest heist in SIM History!! Hahaha

On Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting in Glasgow. It was really good! Later that day we met with Grace and set up an appointment the next day.

On Wednesday, we met with Brother McGuiness. He looks almost exactly like Abraham Lincoln!! We met with Grace and taught her the Law of Chastity. She had no problems with that, and is progressing with the Word of Wisdom! Oh, and that night we talked with these two women for a while. On Thursday (Election Day), we met this woman! We were walking down the path where she was, and she was carrying two grocery bags. We asked her if she wanted help, and she said "Yes, please!" We talked with her about the gospel on the way, and when she had to head off to a doctor's appointment, she asked us when she could meet with us again!! We haven't yet, but we will!!

We had a dinner appointment with the Foots. Unbeknownst to us, an Elder South was coming too. With his parents!! Apparently, he was touring his mission with his parents before he headed home. It was cool hearing about how his mission was and how excited his parents were to be with him. The reason he was heading home so early was because his VISA expired before the end of the transfer. But yeah, that was cool. He and his parents were also very helpful with Margaret too! Brother South (the dad) asked her about her conversion story, and I think bearing her testimony was very helpful for her. We taught her after they left, and she promised to come to church on Sunday!!! Sister Foot was practically jumping for joy in her seat haha

All of our appointments Friday cancelled/rescheduled. It was the craziest thing for one of them! We'd met this lady, Joyce, the day before. She gave us her address, but both of us wrote down a different address! And in the end, we were both wrong!! The only way we found her was that we were chapping her neighborhood, and she came to one of the doors. This was long after her appointment, though, so we had to reschedule. But we're still scratching our heads on that one!

We also got some bad news. We hadn't seen Grace since Wednesday. Finally we saw Robert walking down the path and he told us why: SHE'S IN PRISON!!!!! Now, don't start judging her, the reason isn't bad at all. She had a court date for this minor thing from a while ago, but she missed it. Apparently, if you miss your court date here, you stay in Prison until the next date!! Which, for her, will be two to three weeks!!! We'd given her a new Baptism Date for October 19th, which she can still make, so she's technically with a date, we just can't meet with her!! Robert said he'd get her a Book of Mormon for prison, but it's still hilarious :)

Yesterday I gave a talk in Church! I spoke on Never Giving Up. I mentioned NGUNNGU, which is Tumwater High's Football Team's cheer: Never Give Up, Never Never Give Up. I also mentioned Nephi getting the Brass plates after two failures and Moses pleading for the Israelites when the Lord wanted to destroy them. 

 So yeah, it was overall a pretty good week!

I wanted to also talk to you all about Prayer. I have been loving prayer lately! It is such an amazing resource!!! There was an article in the April 2011 Ensign (we have dozens of old Ensigns in our flat) called "I Need Thee Every Hour", which I encourage all of you to read. A really cool part was where it says that Jesus Christ Himself provided a great example for prayer. It cited how in His visit with the Nephites, He prayed A LOT!! Him!! If He felt the need to pray so often, we should too!! I've been really striving to make my prayers more meaningful and saying them more often. Another article I read spoke of how we should make our "Thank you" portion of our prayers longer than the other parts. I've been trying that, and I have seen such a great difference!! My mind has been opened, I've been able to understand gospel principles in a way I'd never thought of before! And when I express gratitude for such things, he blesses me with more! It's been a really exciting week! I know that prayer is an amazing thing, a way that we communicate with the Being that created all the trillions of worlds and stars and creatures and plants and people. That Being is anxious to hear from you. Doesn't that make you feel special? We must never neglect Him! We need to talk with Him and ask Him questions. We always focus on Moroni's promise and apply it to the Book of Mormon, but that wasn't his intent. "By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." Not just the Book of Mormon! ALL things! If we just ask! 

Thanks so much for all your constant prayers and your love and your emails!! I love you all soooooo much and miss you!

Elder Bates

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