Monday, September 15, 2014

September 1, 2014 Interesting Week!

Hello everyone! :)

How's your testimony?

 This week was interesting. P-Day was on a Tuesday, as you might have noticed, so this week was also a little shorter than usual. We had a couple of meetings on Wednesday. It was called Zone Interview Training, or ZIT for short ;) Most of the day we were taught by the Assistants, these two Sisters, the Zone Leaders, and Sister Brown. The Assistants were awesome, they taught us about being bold with our testimonies, and how we shouldn't be afraid of the gospel. Missionaries often dance around the bush about our beliefs about, say the apostasy or prophets, but they reminded us that Christ said that the wicked will be offended by His gospel. To the wicked, the Gospel is offensive, but that doesn't change the fact that it is true!! We can NOT be afraid of the gospel! It was a great meeting. During the meetings, President Brown would take people one by one and interview them, including me. All went well, no worries. :)

Got my package btw, so I can send pictures! It's very difficult, so it'll be slow going, but pics are coming! :)

We met with Grace that night, and who was there but her friend (possibly boyfriend) Robert, who is a less active! So that was technically a Member Present, ha ha! 

The next day we met with Bridy, the most perfect Catholic ever. Except she doesn't believe many of the doctrines of the Catholic church! Later, we went on an exchange with the Zone leaders. Elder Massey stayed in Cumbernauld while I went to Glasgow with Elder Lesuma! 

The next day was interesting. Elder Lesuma and I had to get to this one lady's house, but we didn't have the address so we got it from a member. We plugged it into the GPS (they're a car area) and were off! Unfortunately, we put an "n" where there was supposed to be an "m" so we ended up in CUMBERNAULD!!! Something's wrong with me! Every time I've been on an exchange this transfer, we've ended up somewhere we weren't supposed to be!!!

Anyhow, later that night, we went by Lynn, this woman we've been trying to meet with for a week. She met us outside her house and told us about how every time we've set up an appointment, something has happened that's kept her from meeting with us. The day before, a door had fallen on her daughter, and other such things. Whether she was telling the truth or whatever is going on, it reminded me of a quote by some general authority: any doctrine that satan doesn't try to distort or destroy is not worth sharing.

Saturday we met with Grace and Robert again at the Church building and taught Grace the Plan of Salvation. She was a little confused about the Fall, but mostly because she'd been told the story in a completely different light. 

 Luckily we were able to explain it better later. 


 She, Robert, and another Less active, Henry, whom we've seen a couple of times before, all came to church yesterday!!! Henry left after Sacrament Meeting, but Grace and Robert stayed for all three hours!!! Grace said she enjoyed it, though she had a few questions. We promised we'd answer them when we meet with her later this week. In Gospel Principles we taught her more about the Fall and were able to dispel the myths she'd believed before about it. It's amazing how much the world has distorted the story of the Fall. We should be so grateful to have modern scriptures that explain that event much more clearly. 

 I'm so honored to be called to serve here in Cumbernauld and Scotland! Just so you know, the vote for independence will be in seventeen days! We've been wondering if it'll be safe to go out if they vote no. Some people are getting very serious about the vote, which is understandable to a certain extent. But hey, we'll see! 

I'm so happy to be out here, despite all the bad things, from angry people, to annoying kids, to evil spirits. Despite all that, I love being out here. There is so much good in the world. Nearly everyone we meet is at least polite to us, even if they're not interested and would rather remain ignorant. I love the Book of Mormon and am excited to hear from President Monson in a month. :)

I also love you all so much! I flip through a photo album Laura gave me at least once a week, it's been awesome! I'm glad to hear from you all! Love you!

Elder Bates

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