Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 10, 2014 Happy Half-Birthday to me!

Thanks for the news! Marie had told me about moving back to Provo! Sounds exciting to me! I'm glad you told me about Grandma Bates, I've been worried about them! I'll keep them in my prayers this week. And I will definitely ask Claire about the play! So cool!

 So for the questions:

1. It wasn't called Burns night, it was Guy Fawkes day. I'll have you look it up for the details on what that is, but basically they're supposed to do HUGE bonfires where they burn effigies of Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the Parliament building a long time ago. Nowadays, they do both bonfires and fireworks, and I mean a TON of fireworks!! I took a video, but I can't send videos so you'll just have to wait for that one. But it was sick!!! Super cool! And they still do bonfires, some are bigger than houses!!!! Seriously!!! It's actually illegal now to start a bonfire that big, but once it's lit what can you do? You gotta wait for it to go.

2. I didn't get a single letter this week! :( I don't know when I'll get your package. I'm excited to get it though!! Thanks a lot! We have a mail slot right in our door, so mail comes right into our flat.  Mail comes between 10 and 11 so we might have your letter right now!

3. This winter is supposed to be the worst in decades! Already it's been absolutely freezing, and it's just the beginning of November! It's not even winter yet!

4. Mosiah 8:8. It's talking about these men that King Limhi sent to find the land of Zarahemla. "And they were lost in the wilderness for the space of many days, YET THEY WERE DILIGENT" I read that, and it was really powerful. I felt like I was 'lost in the wilderness', but if I was diligent like these men were, the Lord will guide me. It's also interesting to note, that it says "they found not the land of Zarahemla", and instead found the land of the Jaredites, and the plates of Ether. So God needed them to find something else, not Zarahemla. As long as we're diligent and hang on to what we know, we'll accomplish what God needs us to accomplish.

 Honestly, things really are looking up! It's been really good this past week!  This transfer will be different, I know it! But honestly, I can already see the blessings from your fast last week! This week was so much better!! Anyhow, this week was pretty good! It was Moves week, and it was pretty sad saying goodbye to some of the Elders who've been here since I arrived. Elder Hanson and I spent the day in Airdrie with Elders Glasgow and Fassold, and we went to this awesome Chinese buffet place and played Uno and some game called scum. We got two new Elders in our District: Elder Smith is Elder Glasgow's companion, and another Elder who's name escapes me is our District Leader. 

 We had lunch with Teresa and Stewart for the first time in forever!  Also, Bridy said she'd be able to meet with us this week! Can't wait to report on how that goes. 

I'll try to take a picture of myself with my kilt. You'll have it tomorrow. Hopefully. Unless I forget. ;)

So it's my half - birthday today!  I've been wondering about how things are over there! Everyone getting geared up for Thanksgiving? Are there Christmas decorations up? They're EVERYWHERE here! There's no thanksgiving for people to wait for!  

Thanks for the emails and the pics! I love you and the whole family!! :)  I learn something new every day! It's awesome! Keep working hard and keep learning the gospel! There is so much to learn! Never be content!
Your Son, Elder Bates

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