Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving! I think...

I'm glad you got the letter! I tried sending your letter months ago, but they sent it back for some reason. So I sent it again. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I got three letters this week, one from Mom, one from Dad, and one from Laura! It was great! I feel bad for Elder Hanson though. He doesn't get much mail.

 I'm glad Ward Conference was good! I wish I could've been there for Bishop's! Anything about history is a talk for me! Haha btw could you send me Bishop's email address? Thank you!

 The other day I had such a powerful prayer at my bed before I went to sleep! I am so grateful for prayer! I still can't believe what happened the other week!! That God would be so mindful of me is unfathomable! What a blessing! If I came home right now, I'd still be so much better spiritually than I was before. I am so grateful!!!! :) :) :)
So we finally met with Bridy this week. She told us about how she finally reached the decision to put her dog, Gypsie, down. She was just bawling, but not as much as her granddaughter Ann Marie. She was sobbing and had her head in Bridy's lap. Ann Marie also showed us her new tattoo of Gypsie's paw print. But we really did have a good lesson. It was really great!
Also, we found out that Steve, who was in jail last week, probably wont be back for months. So that's really sad. Keep him in your prayers. He's been going through a really rough time. 
Saturday, there was the Stake Movie Night. Each ward had to submit 15 minutes of video. Our ward just did a modge podge of different clips, and we got to be in one of them! I sent it to Mom, hopefully you can see it.
Elder Hanson is actually quite sick right now, so we won't be able to do much the next day or two until he's up for working. Having a sick companion is difficult. But, you've gotta help them. So pray for him too. I know I am!
I love you guys so much!! I love prayer too, it's been awesome!!! Keep being great and don't be ashamed of the gospel! Love it, live it.  Keep staying strong and be an example.
Love ya!

Elder Bates

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