Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving! I know I'm right this time!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Enjoy your turkey! We've got a Dinner Appointment with the Greers on Thursday. I'm not sure if they know about Thanksgiving though. Oh well.  So we might get Turkey, we might get Haggis. Who knows!
My Grateful List:
2. Having perfect parents that actually care about their children (never realized just how rare that is until I came here)
3. Brother and Sisters that are awesome
4. Smartphones that allow you to answer random questions you just have
5. Bible Videos and Mormon Messages
6. 15 Prophets, Seers, and Revelators on the Earth
7. I'm thankful that Mormon was able to stay righteous while literally everyone around him was "more wicked than any other people in the History of Israel"
8. I'm thankful for a government that's at least less corrupt than other governments
 9. The Internet
10. Toothbrushes and Dentist

Anyhow, this week was pretty fun! Elder Massey came back for an exchange on Friday. It was really fun going talking about old investigators, and even visiting some of them. We were chapping some doors, and we met this guy, Dave, who is actually the Organist for the Anglican church nearby. His mother is also a priest. And you know what? HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE. Nor does he believe that Jesus Christ did all the miracles that are written in there! He was pretty interested in the Book of Mormon, and we're going by him on Wednesday. 
It's been absolutely freezing lately! The sun is down by 5, so the rest of the evening is reeeeeeallly cold! I need to get some gloves: earlier this week I had to write down people's addresses but my fingers were so numb that my handwriting was atrocious!! I could laugh about it afterwards, so all's well. I haven't gotten frostbite, but I will if I don't get any gloves soon!
Beyond that, not much to talk about. We've been going by a ton of AUF's, and so far no biters. Shame. But we'll keep up the good work!  This week is Zone Interview Training, where we all meet one on one with President Brown. That's when I'll get your packages. After that, the next time I'll probably receive any packages is right before Christmas. Tomorrow, btw, marks ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!  .

Love you guys! Keep up the good work!

 Elder Bates

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