Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 3, 2014 Guess who's staying in Cumbernauld?

Thanks to everyone who prayed and fasted for me! I'm really looking forward to this next month! I'm sure it's going to be great because of you!! :)
I still can't thank you enough for what Mom and Dad did! What a powerful experience!! I later printed out our entire conversation, as well as Dad's, and that article you sent me, and I read a couple of talks from the April 2011 conference, including Bednar's!! So I really basked in what you guys gave me!! It was so powerful! So wonderful! It brought tears to my eyes each time. Thank you thank you thank you!! When did you read that article, and that talk? It was absolutely perfect! The Lord was preparing you to teach me, I know it!

Guess who's staying in Cumbernauld! Seriously, guess. Not kidding. Guess. JUST GUESS!

 So! Is it:

 A) Elder Bates

 B) Elder Hanson

 C) Elder Bates + Elder Hanson

If you guessed A.... You're wrong.
If you guessed B..... You're also wrong.
If you guessed C.... Congrats! You win a hug! You may cash in in 20 months. 

Yep, we're staying in Cumbernauld and we're staying together! Pretty cool! I'm glad we're staying, because we've got a lunch appointment with Stuart and Teresa on Wednesday! Also! Elder Massey is coming back! To be our new Zone Leader! How crazy is that?? 

 I'm going to give my all and really try to make this transfer great!! :)

 Mom asked about my nutrition. I have been eating apples and bananas whenever I can. Same with vegetables. I've really come to love Subway!! Love it love it love it!! We get both fruit and veggies a lot at DA's. I'm getting plenty of milk each morning with cereal. I've been healthy, overall.

We were told we'd get ipads by the end of the year, but apparently they said that last year. And the year before that. So I really don't know when. But when we do get them, you'll have to send $400. I think. I'll keep you updated when I know more. 

This week I got a letter from Laura with a paper that all of you signed! Thanks for sending that! It was really cool! I especially liked what Mom wrote! ;)

Anyhow, Halloween was fun! Elder Hanson and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for the Ward Halloween party. There was only about 15 kids. But we had fun anyways! On Halloween itself, we're not allowed out past 6 (unless we're at a member's house). We had dinner with the Bishop's family just before that, and it was delicious! Then we went back to the flat and listened to talks, watched this cool documentary Elder Hanson had about these two Mormon Brothers from his ward. The next morning I realized why we weren't allowed out past 6. There were beer cans EVERYWHERE!!!!   Anyhow, this Wednesday is another holiday, called Burns Night, I think. To celebrate they set off a TON of fireworks and firecrackers!!! People have been setting them off since Halloween! We wake up in the middle of the night to the loud bang of firecrackers! It's cool. Look it up!
Also, Mom, I certainly agree that God sends the weak and simple hahaha In fact, my testimony of that has grown most of all!! ;)

I  have a spiritual thought!

So why do we have all these rules? Why are we not allowed to watch R movies? They don't do anything physical to us. Well, have you ever wondered why the Prophets sometimes call the commandments the Celestial Law? It's because the commandments are the law in the Celestial kingdom!! We won't be able to do those things up there, so why do them down here? We obey the commandments, not to earn our trip to heaven, but to learn how to live in Heaven! Also, in the Millennium, the scriptures say that everything telestial will be burned up, including R rated movies, and honestly most PG-13 movies! So why become attached to those things we won't have if the Millennium came tomorrow? We should all take a moment and think about which things we do we'd still do in the Millennium?

Just think about that for a week. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that too! Love you all so much!! Thanks for the emails and the prayers and the fast! I'm going to have a great month!! :)

Elder Bates

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