Monday, August 3, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hiya Fam!
     Greetings from wet Norn Irn! (That's how they pronounce it here)
     Things are going swell here.
     F came to church again yesterday, and there was this Recent Convert YSA who's staying in Belfast for a few months that was there and they seemed to have a good time together. We also brought a YSA from Hollywood (that's a ward in Belfast, it's not just in California!) to our lesson on Friday. She's from another ward, but it went well. So things are looking up! 
     V called us and told us about an Isis attack in Tennessee! Is that true? How sad! 
     We had dinner with AA on Thursday, and dinner with the M's on Friday. And we met with the M's on Friday as well. 
     Yesterday there were a TON of kids in City Center, and the Police were trying to surround them, in their massive tank/cars but they kept running away. Still have no idea what that was about. That night we were in the Shankill, when Elder Schippers turned to me and said that he felt like we should go back to the flat. We still had another hour before dinner. He suggested we pray about it, and I felt the same way afterwards. Still don't know why, but there was something going on yesterday. Something didn't feel right. No idea what. 
     Have I told you about the Beer Truck? I'm sure I have, but I'm just checking. 
     Anyhow, glad Girls camp went well! Please tell me why Dad river danced! And, if you could, a video of it would be great. ;) 
     I do compare myself with other missionaries, which has been one of my biggest problems. But, as President Brown told me when I talked with him about it, judging your worst against someone's best gives you a very skewed view, and really makes no sense.
     So here's how the system works out here. You mail stuff to the church building, as you've been instructed. The issue is that there is no system set up to get the mail from the building to the missionaries. So I get things really late. But yes, I did enjoy the 4th package! :) I was so happy to have an American flag of my own! I've missed the stars and stripes. 
     Elder Schippers is a really fun guy. I've had a great time with him. He's really into GQing, which I honestly haven't done consistently since I was with Elder Massey. So he's been helping me with that! He's a good missionary.
     So E, serves in Primary so she can't help with F. We haven't had Ward Council in a few weeks, so that's why I haven't asked yet. H we weren't able to meet with this week, which was really unfortunate. G is in Stornoway, which is off the coast of Scotland, so no she can't help with F either. 
     I'll be able to tell you more about the Donaldsons next week after Zone Interview Training. 
     Okay so the Jacobs. I am actually quite excited about it! It'd be great to send a few things home, too. I'll go through my stuff and see what I can send home. I think it'd be best if we met up at City Hall. It's nearby our flat, so it won't be too far. 
     Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Sacrament. It's so hard sometimes to make the Sacrament meaningful, you know? We do it every week, so it becomes all too monotonous. I'll try what you said!
     I did get the letters from Grandma's funeral. Thanks for sending those! 
     Is there anything else you'd like to know? Thanks for all the info you send me and the jokes as well! I hope everything works out all right. I need some prayers. I don't know what's dragging me down, but something is. That makes it sound a lot worse than it really is, but that's the best I can do to describe it.  Thanks.

I love you so much! Can't wait to talk with you in five months!
Love you all!
Elder Bates

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