Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27, 2015 It's raining, it's pouring!

Hiya Fam!

 Yesterday was particularly bad with the rain. We had to wait outside by a bus stop for a long time without any shelter. But then this really kind couple, who were members of another ward, picked us up!! It was awesome!

 Well, my interview with President went well. The whole day went really well! We were taught the "Holy Ghost Principle". Basically it was a new way to teach the Restoration lesson, putting much greater emphasis on the investigator feeling the Holy Ghost and recognizing it. We tried it out the next day with F. It was a little weird, because the Principle was designed more for New Investigators, and we were reteaching F about the Restoration, but it was totally worth it! She agreed to be baptized!! We don't have her with a date because she has to get off of cigarettes. That threw me for a loop!! I never would have even guessed that she was addicted to cigarettes! Never even detected a hint of cigarette smoke in her house or around her!! Anyhow, she's going to be baptized! Yay!! :D

The rest of the week was just a blur. We had dinner with AA, because his Mum was away. He needed company. He made what he calls "Concoction". It's really good and really simple! But, I can't tell you how to make it, because, in the words of A, if I tell anyone, I'll have to kill them. Sorry. 

Mom asked how I do with the mission schedule.  It's just regular routine to me now, although I still have a hard time getting up at 6:30.  But I always do.  :)
Everything is set up to meet the Jacobs?  My Mission President said I can have dinner with them from 5:00 - 6:00 PM, same as a dinner appointment with any member.  I'm looking so forward to it!

Yeah, we live in the perfect part of Belfast. Right next to everything! There's a place nearby, Boojums, which makes Burritos! You can't find Mexican food anywhere else but Boojums is the BEST!! I've fallen in love with it! Ha! The Big Fish is kinda cool. It's just what it's name implies, a Big Fish. The clock tower is right next to us. It's bells always alert us to what time it is. Fun. 

Sorry to hear about Kate's grandma! I hope everything goes alright. 

I remember those days in the garden. Good times. 

Thanks for the news about D! That came out of nowhere! So exciting! I'm so glad for both of you! Great job being missionary's!  I remember this one Sunday there was a man that got up to speak. We had an investigator in the audience.  Any active member would understand what he was talking about, but it didn't paint a good picture for the investigator. Some people don't think about how a non-member would react to what they're saying.  But I'm glad you guys now have a better understanding. 

The rest of the week was great. On Wednesday I asked President Donaldson about what my purpose is as a missionary, what could I contribute that others can't, what are my talents, that kind of thing. And he told me to go through my Patriarchal Blessing and write down in two columns 1: Talents that I have and 2: Talents that I am promised. After that, he told me to write myself a letter about how those things have been manifest on my mission. I tried to do it. It's hard to tell the difference between blessings and talents. The list wasn't long!

So the beer truck isn't really a truck. I don't know how to describe it. Basically, it's a mobile bar. Where the bar stool is, there are pedals, which propel the truck. There a bartender with a massive keg of beer, and everyone is drinking. The best part, though, is the bell. When the people get drunk, they LOVE to ring that bell!

Thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely put it to use. I love you so much! Thanks a bunch!

I've been thinking a lot about buying a personal voice recorder. I've met several missionaries who have bought one, and they make voice recordings the night before P-Day, and send those recordings via email to their family! I think they're between £35-£45. What are your thoughts on that?

I hope you guys have a great week! Stay awesome!! Love you guys so much!!! :)

Elder Bates

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