Friday, May 27, 2016

January 12, 2015 Sorry!

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well!

As for the questions, here are your answers:

·         We do alot of walking and taking buses.  No bikes.

·         I wear the sweaters, jacket, and the thermals you sent me!  Everything is perfect!  I love the watch in particular.  It's nice!

·         I don't need to buy boots, but probably a coat.  I'll wait until the one I have wears out before I purchase a new one though.

·         Today I am writing Ben (my roommate from BYU) and a few sisters.  I hear from people now and then.  It all depends.

·         My companion has been out a little over a year.  He is from Southern Utah, a tiny town called Hanksville. He's a very good guy! He really wants to change his life around (even though, in my opinion, he's got nothing to worry about!) He's always trying to be the best he can, and I really admire him for that.  We're closer in age than my other companions.

I'm glad you got those pictures!

I'm glad you were able to do some missionary work, Mom!! I hope something great comes from it! And if not, remember that a person, on average, has to have some form of contact with the church about 7 times before they're converted. So whether they actually go through with it or not, you still helped them get that much closer!!

I absolutely LOVED that quote Mom sent!! I am definitely using that! 

We had a big East Scotland Conference, with all the missionaries serving in the Aberdeen, Dundee, and Edinburgh zones. It was big! Anyways, there was a couple that got up and talked with us about Family History. Have you seen the My Family booklet? Well that's what they're pushing. It's going to be great!  I have to get mine filled out so send stories about my grandparents!

This week at our conference with President, he told us we needed to clean out our memory sticks (every missionary has a memory stick with music and talks on them that's how we listen to such stuff), because many missionaries had inappropriate music on them.  I have been obedient.

I have no time to talk this week! Again!

Sorry! Better stories next time!

Thanks for the advice and the packages! I'm almost through it all! Probably by next week haha but I won't be getting any packages until February so I wouldn't send any yet.
Oh, and Dad has an interview with an Apostle!!! Wow! Any guy's dream! I will definitely pray for him. 

Love you so much!! Thanks for everything! If you have any other questions, let me know!

Elder Bates

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