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April 11, 2016 MOVES CALL!!!!!

Hiya Fam!!

So this week has had quite a few problems, not gonna lie. Some major, others minor.

Tuesday we were told that the Sisters wouldn't be at our District Meeting (again!) so we just didn't have it. We instead went to help Ma move. That went really well! The van man was very, very kind and, after he heard about Ma's situation, he told Ma that it was free of charge. Very nice of him. The move later played into some of the problems, which I'll tell you about later.

After helping Ma, we met M at the bus station and took a bus to L. She was baptized about 5 years ago, and she's really nice. She offered to do a FHE with M but for various reasons she couldn't do it Monday. So we came Tuesday. It was good, got to know her and M a bit better. 

We then went to teach Ca. Mi came along. We asked C at the beginning about how he was feeling, and he said he was excited!!! :) The lesson went well, just talked about Family History and the Priesthood. We brought up Patriarchal Blessings, and Mi asked what those were! After we explained, he asked if we could talk more about them with him and A. So that was cool!

Then that night we had a District Conference Call where we discussed things we could do as a district to better follow the trainings the AP's have given us. Over the past year, the AP's have been doing a series of five trainings, called the Big Five, and they're really emphasizing them mission wide. So we're following in toe.

Anyways, Wednesday afternoon we met with Am at her new house and planted her memorial trees. After a bit of finding, we then went to Bo'ness to have a coordination meeting with Brother McGowan. He is a great Branch Mission Leader! Probably the best I've had on my mission!

So before I talk about Thursday, I gotta update you on Ma's move. First off, Ma is a very paranoid person, so don't let this shock you too much. Tuesday night he sent us about a dozen texts in all caps, with swearing and everything, where he accused us of stealing some of his stuff, which he said was missing. We calmed him down as best we could, and asked M to check on him Wednesday. We called him later and he said things were better, that Ma didn't think we had stolen anything anymore. So we came Thursday to try and help him out. We finally found out what he believes has been stolen: a curtain, a duvet, and a Virgin Mobile TV box thing. Which, btw, he found while we were with him. He hadn't even started unpacking yet. Still hasn't. But he accused everyone under the sun of stealing his stuff. Just a wee bit frustrating! 

We had a BSL class that night, but we missed our bus, so we were an hour late, so everyone had left. Dang it. 

Friday was interesting. I think I told you Elder Lyndsay our Zone Leader, has gone AP? Well, because of that, his companion, Elder Ensign, who's in my group, hasn't had a companion this whole week. He's had to blitz with other missionaries. Friday was our turn. We went to Edinburgh to help him out. He had a few appointments set up, but unfortunately they didn't happen. But I will say this: have you guys tried schwarma? CUZ I HAVE!! Tried it for the first time with Elder Ensign. And it is good!! It's chicken with certain spices on it. Really delicious!

Anyways, so Saturday was the baptism!!! What a blessing! The whole day was spent preparing for it.

Just 30 minutes before it was supposed to start, we got the text from him.

Elder Ward had the phone. He was working on making the program. The moment he started reading, you could just feel a difference in the room. In essence the text said "After much deliberation I have decided not to get baptized. There are just too many church policies that I don't agree with. (he then named some of them and why he didn't agree with them) Please don't come by my house again. Goodbye." 

The worst part was, most of his issues had clearly come from Anti stuff. We'd had a feeling he'd been looking at that stuff, and we had planned to talk with him about it in our next meeting, but that meeting never happened. And even worse, as you can imagine, the anti stuff was either false or not the whole truth.

We texted with him over the next hour or so. Didn't change his mind, but the response we got was much more positive than the first text let on. He admitted that he believed in the Book of Mormon! But he was letting his doubts overcome his faith. Elder Ward and I were obviously devastated. We both prayed for comfort and for C. And between the feelings we both felt after that and the texts we got afterwards, I am almost certain that one day C will change his mind. As sad as we are, I'm not as dejected as I would have thought I would have been. Just keep praying for him and keep working hard. Someone better will turn up, I'm sure.

After we had emptied the font, locked the church and everything, M and E took us out for MANOK. That was nice of them. First kebab I've had in a long time! Tried chicken this time. Much better than donner. Just a tip next time you want to try a kebab ha ha ;)

E left early, but we were able to teach M and A about Patriarchal blessings. Unfortunately they don't feel that they are worthy enough to get their blessings right now. Obviously such things aren't supposed to be discussed with us, rather with their Branch President. So we'll see what happens.

Sunday went well!! It was fast Sunday, but we had fasted on Saturday for the baptism, so we didn't do it yesterday. Church was good. At the tail end of Sacrament meeting, M (who hadn't come that day) came in and sat next to us. He then told us some devastating news. E had overdosed. She had been rushed to the hospital. She was released from hospital later that day, but when we talked with her it turns out she had just walked out!!! I have no idea what to do in that situation!! Little stressed out about it!! 

So yeah, that brings us to today!! Interesting week, eh? Oh I forgot Moves Call.

So I am staying in Falkirk. That had already been assumed. The real question was, what about Elder Ward? Well, I am happy to announce, that he's staying as well!! We are going to do really well here in Falkirk!! I'm particularly glad because we cannot end on that kind of note!! Ha ha we can do better than that. 

But here's some news about the District! So at the moment there's me and Elder Ward, and the Alloa Sisters: Sister DeMille, who's finished training Sister Paxman. Any guesses what's happening?

Well, Sister DeMille is leaving, and Sister Paxman, literally just finished being trained, is training a new missionary! 

But wait, there's more!

They are also putting in a new pair of Elders in Stirling. And guess who it is? Elder Barton, who was my Zone Leader in Dublin! He's coming in from his Zone Leadership to become a daddy! He's training as well! It'll be a great district, I'm sure! :)

Anyways, hope you all have a great week! Love you lots!!

Elder Bates

ps Ever heard of the Ninja Challenge? You can only eat plain white rice for breakfast lunch and dinner for a whole week. We're gonna try it! :) wish me luck!

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