Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 9, 2016 Happy (late) Mothers Day!

Hiya Fam!

I remembered to say "Happy Mothers Day" to Mom before I ended the Skype, but I forgot to say it to Laura, Kate, and Marie. So Happy Mothers Day! 

It was great seeing you guys!! Elder Ward says he's feeling very trunky, but I'm actually surprised at how normal I feel! It doesn't even feel like I saw you yesterday! Poor Elder Ward... It's probably because his girlfriend, without telling him beforehand, had come to the Skype. Girls... Claire, don't date a PM (Pre-Missionary)

Anyways I've already told you about our investigators, for the most part. So I'll just tell you how our week went:

Tuesday was crazy full!! We had appointment after appointment after appointment!! After emailing, we went to Sister E H, a wonderful older lady in the ward who seemed to think she was catering for an all-you-can-eat buffet rather than feeding two missionaries and their Joint Teach!! First time in a long time that I had corn on the cob again. I missed it. After that we went over to S's, but the bus we needed to catch never came! We were almost an hour late for our appointment!! Only had time for me to meet him and get to know him a bit before we had to rush to our next appointment! C G was having us over for dinner again. Chicken curry. It was a miracle we had room in our stomachs for that after Sister H's!! We then had to go over to a new investigator's place, who wasn't in. So we went by G, who lived nearby, to see how she was doing. We helped her put new windows in her car, then she gave us a lift back to our flat.

Wednesday was the All Scotland Conference! It was incredible, really fun, and scary all at the same time! It was particularly weird seeing missionaries from my own group go up and give their outgoing testimonies!! Freaky. On the way home from that, we were walking down the street to the train station when we heard a loud BANG! We turned around and saw a guy intertwined with his bike, lying prostrate on the middle of the road!! We rushed to help him, along with a few other people (one woman actually got out of her car while she was in the middle of traffic to help him!) An ambulance was called, and we stuck around until he was taken care of by the emergency people. I've never seen that much blood before! It was a head injury, so it looked more serious than it really was. His main worry would have been concussion, probably. I'm sure he's fine now. After we got back to Falkirk, we arrived just in time for our Coordination meeting with the Branch Mission Leader, which went well.

Thursday, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Elder Ward and I went out for Mexican burritos after Weekly Planning. Delicious! Then we had a real appointment with S. He's so cool! He's German and is really into computers and creates software for people. After that we met with E to do more Family History, then went to BSL class. That went well! After that we went by several referrals, GQ'd for a bit, then came home.

Friday morning we met with M A again and we watched a General Conference talk. After that we went out to Bo'ness to contact several referrals of ours out there. That's where we met E! I told you about him, I think. We came home, went by a few more people in Falkirk, then had dinner with W and his Mother. Had another delicious dinner with them. 

Saturday we did some service for the Majors, which, like I told you, went far longer than we'd planned. But we were still able to have time to go teach M S again. That went really well! The Plan of Salvation is so reassuring, isn't it? We also met J on the bus over to the Majors in the morning. He was talking about a friend of his, who only recently has started coming to a church, and how his mom died about a year ago. But J said it was so sad because he couldn't tell his friend that everything would be alright with his mom! I gained a much greater appreciation for the knowledge that we have from that experience.

After church yesterday I planned for our District Meeting, then we met up with M and E to Skype you guys, then after the Skype they took us to another referral of ours. Wonderful family! SO nice!!!

That was our week! Loved loved loved talking to you all yesterday!! Wish I could have gone on longer! 40 minutes isn't enough!!

We're going to be discussing the Book of Mormon in our District Meeting. So I was studying Chapter 5 of PMG to prepare for it, and that chapter is full of the many different ways the Book of Mormon can and ought to be used for missionary work! It's there to establish our church's divinity, to testify of Christ, to answer the "deep questions of the soul", to resolve concerns, to bring us closer to God, and probably a plethora more!! What an inspired book!! I am going to make a greater emphasis on it these next few weeks, and I hope you are too!!

Oh, and I'm also sending you a recording of my farewell testimony. You can't hear President's comment, and it takes a bit to get to my testimony, but I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great week! Love yas!! :)

Elder Bates

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