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May 23, 2016 The End

Hiya Fam!

Dang this is weird! I'll do my best to make it through this. I might not respond to all of your emails to me. I'm spending my time emailing friends and missionaries. If I have time, I will definitely respond. But we'll see.

We had a very interesting week. Monday was E's last day as a Recent Convert. She was baptized a year ago that day. So we celebrated with some homemade pizza! :9

Tuesday was District Meeting. The Sister Training Leaders as well as the Zone Leaders came. It was good, but it was also the worst one I've done so far. But oh well. After some lunch we high tailed it to Bo'ness to visit E. But he must've forgot because he was in the middle of his lunch and he had an appointment in an hour or so. So we rescheduled. We came back to Falkirk so I could do the Eye of Faith. Then we went to Callendar park to meet a young girl named J. Yup. But she never showed up. So we went to our next appointment a little early. We met with A McC, the brother of the Branch President. He recently had surgery. They amputated his pinkie toes! Don't know the full story why. Ha but he was cool. Nice guy.

Wednesday I finished my Eye of Faith, then we went by some formers in Linlithgow. The Sisters needed me to sign J J's baptismal record, so they came in their car and picked us up in Polmont. On the bus ride to Polmont we bumped into Brother and Sister Major, who offered to take us out for lunch! We gratefully accepted. In the Sisters car, we actually beat the bus!! Anyways after some fish and chips, we went to visit Ma S!!! Deaf Ma!! He broke his leg on Monday, but he was back home Wednesday. It was a fine appointment. He didn't really pay attention to our video, but oh well. We then had our weekly Coordination meeting in Bo'ness. You know, I've NEVER gotten home on time after a Coordination in Bo'ness! Which is crazy because we should have an hour and a half before 9, but somehow we always get home at 9:30!! Buses...

Thursday we met with S, talked a bit about prayer and the Book of Mormon. He's such a cool guy! He's reaaaaaaally into computers. Not just coding, but everything to do with software, computers, physical stuff, everything. I know so little!! It's cool though. After some lunch we then went to the St's. They were about to leave on a trip and wouldn't get back until June 4th. So they were my first goodbye. It was weird!!! Then I planned for my last District Meeting (should be great! Hopefully...) Then we went to teach BSL. We just reviewed everything we've gone over already.

Then we had J. We were running very late, and wouldn't have had any time to really teach him, so we called and asked if we could reschedule, but he said no, he wanted us to come over so he could "show us what he'd discovered." That lesson was a waste of time. I don't even want to talk about it. He made us miss our bus though. It was 9:20 and we had to walk home. But thankfully the Lord sent us a Tender Mercy. Brother Gibb showed up out of nowhere in a car and gave us a lift. We were inside at 9:29!!

Friday was particularly crazy. That morning we went by M A. He's still struggling so he asked for a blessing. We had lunch at the Rumbling Tum. Then we went to the library to do Family History with E. But she was really really late. We're talking almost 40 minutes late! We stuck around to work on the Missionary Fireside we're doing. Well, not we, but Elder Ward. It'll be on the 3rd. Dang it!! Anyways she came in and told us why she was late: she'd had a seizure in the ASDA bathroom. ASDA = Walmart, btw. She said she was fine, just needed to calm down. She looked shaken, but okay. For a few minutes we waited for her to sort herself out. Then she said she was going to the bathroom. Looking back, I have no idea how I didn't realize what she was doing. But after 20 minutes of her in the bathroom, we went to the librarian, told them the situation, some of her compadres opened the door to find her on the floor. An ambulance was called, but she was back up by the time it arrived. She was released later that night. So alls well that ends well! But man that was freaky!!

Not long after the ambulance drove off we went to teach C G again. We got him to set the temple as his goal. Then we had dinner with W and his Mum. They gave us a massive plate, where one half was lasagna and the other half was salad and a beetroot. I've never eaten that much salad in my life!! But I ate it. First time I've ever tried Caesar's dressing. 

We missed the bus home, so we had to walk. On the way we GQ'd two guys who turned out to be sailors from Lithuania, who were only in Falkirk for the day and asked where the bus station was. So we walked with them back to the bus station and helped them find a taxi! What a day!!! Nice guys. Only one of them could speak English though.

Saturday morning we helped the J's move. Brother J is the Branch Clerk. They have a few children. The youngest is a set of adopted twins that are 9. They have another son that's 14. After that we worked some more on the fireside, then had dinner, then began a Mission wide fast for baptisms. We included J in our fast because he said he was coming to church. Then Brother I picked us up and took us to M S's. She said she'd come to church!! We had a great lesson with her on the Sabbath day.

And finally Sunday. M came to church and so did J. M left after sacrament meeting. After Gospel Principles class was over, J started Bible Bashing. He didn't leave until over an hour after church was finished. The Branch Members were great though! They did their best to testify and answer his questions. I was really happy to see that. But I think we can safely assume that J has been dropped.

The rest of the day was finding, going by referrals, etc. M did not come to church again, which made us really scared until he texted us and apologized for sleeping in. Which is better than nothing. At least we finally got ahold of him!!

But that was my week! Got a lot of appointments this week. Thank goodness!! 

So here's the plan as far as I know: Sunday night I'll be staying overnight with the Zone Leaders. Monday morning I'll arrive at the Mission Home along with everyone going home with me. There will be a devotional, we'll climb Pratt's Hill, we'll be interviewed by President Donaldson. Then we'll sleep in the Mission Home. That'll be a party!! Then Tuesday morning I fly home! To my knowledge, we won't have time to email. So don't expect anything. But hey, you never know! 

Anyways, before I sign off, I first want to thank you all. You are the best family ever! My mission has grown my testimony of that, and my gratitude for all yalls. I've met so many families, both members and nonmembers, that struggle with so much that we are free of. Thanks so much for your support and your emails, your letters, your pictures, your prayers, everything. I couldn't have gone through these two years without you! Heck, I couldn't have gone through these 21 years without you!!!

I testify that God lives. He loves us. He has a great sense of humor!! Elder Ward and I look for His humor every day! He wants to bless us. He is literally our Father in Heaven. I testify that Jesus Christ is His Son. He is the Only Begotten. He suffered and died so that we can live with Him again. I testify that He lives. I testify that both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. That is a fact. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I love that book. It has provided me with such strength and encouragement and power. I testify that Thomas S Monson is a Prophet of God, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints is God's kingdom here on Earth. I conclude my ministry in the Scotland / Ireland Mission with that seared into my soul. I'll never, no never forsake.

Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause?

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

PS  I plan to Sleep, write in my journal, study the scriptures on that long plane ride!

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