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March 21, 2016 Zone Interview Training

Hiya Fam!

This week went really well. We had another ZIT, we had Stake Conference, we have an investigator with a baptism date, the sun was shining the past two days...

So Monday we did some service for a woman that's friends with a member of the branch. After helping her out, we went to M and A's for FHE, which went well. 

Tuesday we had lots and lots of things happening, it got a little crazy!! The first few hours of the day was quite calm. Then we had a ton of appointments, just boom boom boom boom! First D S had us over for lunch. We had a good time with them! Then they were so kind to give us a lift all the way to Bo'ness! Normally that's about 45 minutes of Bus travel! But we made it in time for the potential to tell us she wasn't available. Shame. 

So we went to knock a few doors when we met H! He let us in on the condition we not speak about the Book of Mormon. We were a little apprehensive about that, but we went through, we sat down in his living room and a had a really good chat! He is very familiar with the bible in all sorts of different translations. He's not sure if there even is a true church to join. We asked if we could come by later and he said sure, so hopefully we'll see him again this week.

We were super late though to our next appointment with A M. Oh A... Our Branch Mission Leader put it this way: "That man should never have been baptized." That sounds harsh, I know, but he doesn't believe in the church or anything we teach. He's Pentecostal, and believes in the Trinity and that the Bible is the only word of God we need. He doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, and doesn't really read the Book of Mormon. But we didn't know all this until we came for our appointment. It was a really interesting appointment, we'll put it that way. 

We finally made it to M and A's to teach Ma about the Plan of Salvation. That was his best lesson yet! He's usually all over the place, like any 7 year old. But this time he wasn't. We're thinking it was because his mother wasn't there. No idea why, but that was the only variable that had changed.

Wednesday we had a lunch appointment with TJ and S. That didn't go well. They had completely forgotten about it, and they honestly didn't pay too much attention to the lesson anyways. It was really disappointing. We'll have to figure out some way to get them excited about the gospel...

Then we went to teach Ma. M came along. We taught him the Restoration. It's weird signing it, cuz I still don't know my signs... But I did my best. We then all went to E's, who'd asked for us to help her with her car. That didn't go as planned ha ha Elder Stoker would call it a "10 Minute Job". He was a carpenter back home, which in the States we would call a construction worker. He was often asked to do "simple" tasks, like put up a fence, that the customer would always say takes only ten minutes. But it never does. For whatever reason (usually a lack of the right tools) it takes over an hour. That's what happened here. It was a little frustrating, but we were able to help out, which is the important part. 

We made it just in time for Branch Council. A lovely older Sister, Sister Major, bought us a TON of food, which we afterward brought back to the flat. 

Anyways, Thursday was Zone Interview Training. That was fantastic!!! Loved it!! There were so many good trainings. During my interview with President Donaldson I got my Temple Recommend interview done. So I've got mine redone! I'm all good!! :) My favorite training was on using the scriptures in lessons. It's always interesting using the scriptures because you have to remember that most of the people we meet with have never even touched the scriptures, much less read them. So we have to go through them slowly, explaining it very simply. It takes a lot of patience ha ha But you should give it a try! When you study, "study to teach". I got a new insight on something because of that!

It was 2 Nephi 2:11. Great scripture about the need for opposition. But the last half was confusing. The part that says "All things must needs be a compound in one;" But, because I was using this system to study, I figured it out! All things must be together, both the good and the bad. You can't have just one or the other. You must have it all. It was cool!

So after ZIT, we got back just in time for BSL class. We hadn't prepared for that because we had been in Edinburgh, but we did our best. We learned the months and the numbers. Nice!

Friday we met with M the LA. We talked with him a bit more about the Book of Mormon and he committed to coming to Stake Conference, which is always the hardest one to commit people to! And he came too! So we're not too worried about him anymore. He's doing well. :)

We did our weekly planning, then went out to do some finding. We later went to the McM's for dinner. Another member, W, was there too. We read from Alma 26 and committed them to open their mouths and talk with people about the gospel. Cr has a friend, Ta, who's really interested in the Gospel, and he's trying to get her to meet with us! She came to Stake Conference (we never met with her, unfortunately), so that's really good!! Hopefully I'll have some more good news next week...

Saturday (my 21 Month mark) was absolutely gorgeous!! Sunny and warm!! :) So we were determined to do as much finding as possible. Which we did! In between our finding times we met with E and talked with her about enduring our trials. We watched the Refiners Fire Mormon Message and read from D&C 121. She was touched. She and M then went with us to visit Ma, who's birthday was that day. We had baked him a cake during our Lunch Break, and we brought it to him after E's. He loved it! We signed the Happy Birthday song (I would have done the Swedish song if I knew how!) and ate some of the cake. Elder Ward and I then went back out finding. 

That night we met with C. He's 20 years old, and Elder Ward and Elder Giles taught him the first lesson, but then he went on a holiday (or vacation as we Yanks put it), and he only recently got back from that. He's really cool! We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and committed him to be baptized on April 9th! He accepted!! He even came to Stake Conference with us!

Which leads me to Sunday! E gave Elder Ward and I, C and Ma a lift to Stake Conference. The conference went well. Nothing particularly significant to say about it.  There were quite a few musical numbers! After church we had lunch, then we had 2 and a half hours to do some more finding! Because, like the day before, it was simply GORGEOUS!!! Elder Ward didn't even wear a jacket! First time in a looooong time, he said. We spent our time in Callendar Park. It's a really nice big park! I'll be sure to send pictures. It's named after the family that had owned the land, but within the past century or so one of them gave the land to the city, who turned it into a park, and their mansion into a museum. It's cool! 

Remind me sometime to tell you about the Buckfast Triangle.

Falkirk is located by the Firth of Forth. Funny name, I know. But yeah, it's the ocean! It's similar to the Puget Sound.  Falkirk is surrounded by larger hills (they call them mountains, but they're not that big...) 

Mom asked if I would want to continue on with BSL, but I never would. I much prefer speaking, ha! plus ASL is WAAAAAY different from BSL.

Don't worry about Easter! The Stevensons are having us over for an Easter Supper. Sounds good! :9

Anyways, that was our week! Typical missionary work ha ha love you guys! Hope you all have a great week! :)

Elder Bates

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