Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 14, 2015 What an interesting week!

Hi ya Fam!

Maureen is on date for baptism!  May 16th! 

We've had an interesting week this week. 

It's been very difficult, really. We've only got Maureen as an investigator, and it's difficult to set up appointments with her. So we spend all week doing Finding. But so far we've gotten almost nothing from our own efforts.

However, we have gotten some things from Heavenly Fathers' efforts!

For instance, on Friday we were heading out to a Members home (the Hamiltons) for Lunch and some service. Unfortunately, I got us on the wrong bus! We didn't realize it until the bus had turned around and was heading back to the town center, where we'd caught it. So we decided to just ride it back to town, and catch the correct bus from there. We had just gotten off the bus when this woman asked if I was an Elder. I said I was and she started telling me how she was a member of our church, but hasn't gone in a long time. She's got a 19-month old child that she wants to be baptized (I think she's forgotten that we baptize at 8 but oh well), and we scheduled an appointment for this Thursday! I think we were led to go on that wrong bus. 

Friday in and of itself was pretty different! After we were at the Hamilton's we were back in town when Elder Carter suggested that we go by Maureen. So we got on a bus (the right one!) and headed towards her. This sweet looking old woman was talking with us about how we need to get away from Mormonism and start reading the Bible and be Born Again.  Anyways, we got off to Maureen's, and knocked her door. After a minute or two, we realized she wasn't in. I remembered that she sometimes stays with her neighbor, so we started walking over there. We hadn't even knocked before the door flung open, and there was Maureen, looking completely and utterly distraught! "Oh thank goodness you're here! She's fallen down!" Her friend said.  Maureen was lying sprawled out on the floor of her bathroom. Elder Carter and I picked her up and put her in her armchair, and basically made sure she was alright. After that, we were heading back to the flat. On the way we met a man that was completely and utterly drunk. I've never seen anyone so drunk! We gave him some cards. Hopefully he finds them when he's sober. Or maybe he'll give them to someone. 

So yeah. What a week. Ward Council was on Thursday, but because it's Easter Break here, which is two weeks long, it was just us, Bishop, one of his counselors, and the High Priest Group Leader!

Ben Clark, our Ward Mission Leader, is going through a really rough time right now. He asked us to pray for him, and if you could too, that'd be great. 

Yesterday Gail popped by and gave us our "Easter Baskets"! It was a bag full of stuff, like two massive chocolate eggs, a six pack of root beer, and some homemade popcorn kernels! We popped some last night, ate them with the root beer and watched one of those "Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon" videos! It was about Ammon. He was such a bro. Let's give him a hand! 

I gave the lesson yesterday in Priesthood. It was about Joseph Smith. I'm assuming you had a similar lesson. HE was awesome. I've learned so much about him on my mission!! The more I learn about him the more awesome he is! I made a challenge for the Elders and High Priests there, which I'm in turn asking you to do: If you haven't read the Joseph Smith History part of the Pearl of Great Price within the past week or two, READ IT. There is so much that is in there! As missionaries, we are not to memorize any part of the lessons, so we can adapt them to the needs of the investigators. The only exception is the First Vision. We memorize that scripture passage, and recite it during the lessons. You don't have to do this, but you can, and it's something I want to do soon: go through the History, and write down every doctrine or principle that it teaches. No matter how small or huge, everything. I think you'll realize, when you look at the list, that a large portion of the doctrine contained just in those few pages, are only to be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I once met a man who seemed to feel it was his duty to inform us that we belonged to a Satanic Cult. He said so much stuff.  The  missionary I was with, Elder Moller, who was from Denmark, asked the man if he'd prayed about the Book of Mormon. He hadn't. Then Elder Moller asked if the man believed God could answer prayers. The man said he didn't believe you could hear God's voice. Elder Moller, who's quite bold, then informed the man that he didn't believe in the Holy Ghost then. He didn't like that. But it goes to show you, we are EXTREMELY blessed!

Anyhow, looking forward to this week! This past week has been so sunny and warm until Saturday and Sunday, which were sunny but bitter cold wind. But this week is supposed to be in the 50's! Farenheit. 

Sunday is Moves Call! Next week, I could have some pretty big news for ya! I don't know if I told you, but in July, Elder Holland is coming!! He's only gonna speak to the Missionaries serving in East Scotland though! Which means it's unlikely I'll be there for it. But I'm hoping! 

Love you all! Love this church! It's so happy! I'm reading King Benjamin's speech. Let me tell ya, if you want to be humbled, read I think chapter 4. He calls us "unworthy creatures"! And we are!

Elder Bates

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