Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 30, 2015 Car Week!

Hi  ya! 

The big news is: Yes! We had a baptism!! It went really well, considering how crazy everything went! But yes! We had it! He was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. I got to baptize Riley! I kept a program, which I'm hoping to keep forever!  More on the baptism later.

This week was a week-long exchange with Elder Stobbs from Worcheshire. He's Elder Livingston's companion, who's singing in the Easter Choir, so we get him as well as their car.

To start off with, on Tuesday we emailed (as you undoubtedly noticed! Sorry about the no warning) and Riley got interviewed for his Baptism. He passed. 

On Wednesday we went all the way to the Isle of Skye!! That was a long trip! There were some Less Actives we were hoping to go by, but we only were able to talk with one, but she was awesome! Her name is Mevis, and the only reason she's LA is because she lives so dang far away!! She asked if we could give her the sacrament! So even though we never saw any other LA, I think it was all worth it. And the pictures were a nice bonus! I'm the only one legally able to drive, so I've been driving all week long!. Elder Carter has been out for over a year, which means he can't legally drive in the UK. Elder Stobbs is from England, but he didn't get a license. (You have to be 18 to get a license here!) So I had to do all the driving! All week long! This has been the most driving I've done in my life!!! And all on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car! I had Elder Stobbs take all the pictures for me.  But hey who. (That's a Scottish thing they say.) I don't know if Elder Stobbs got a picture of it, but the roads to Skye are single lane. Not both sides, I mean totally one lane. So if a car is coming towards you, you've got to swerve off the road so you don't have a head on collision!! Little scary! But everything worked out! Skye was beautiful! So nice! 

Anyway, Thursday was spent in Invergordon, Elder Stobbs' area. That was nice, nothing really to report. Just that they're working with a woman that's Feminist, Communist, and Vegan. She believes that Thou Shalt Not Kill refers to anything. So if you eat meat, you're not a Christian.

Friday we went off to the Black Isle (doesn't that just sound awesome!? The Black Isle! "We're off on an epic quest to the Black Isle to locate the Sword of Truth in a titanic battle between the forces of Righteousness and the Hordes of Darkness!") to help Brother Mackay take care of some trees that had blown over and such. We ended up spending the whole day with them! They fed us lunch and bought us food at a Chippie! (That's a Fish and Chips shop. BTW, I tried my first Deep Fried Pizza on Wednesday! It was too hot, burnt the roof of my mouth! So I don't know if it was good or not ha)

Saturday was, of course, Riley's baptism! Everything went well! We were going through Bishop's collection of the Journal of Discourses, which is a collection of General Conference Talks made by the General Authorities way back when. We were reading talks by Brigham Young!! It was really deep! I wish General Conference was that deep today!  The baptism went well too. I got all of Riley's name right. His full name is Riley Liam Donal Inglis. Talk about a mouthful! That's not a typo, btw. It's not Donald, it's Donal. 

He got confirmed yesterday, by Bishop, the YM's president, and our old Bishop, Brother Kane. We had lunch with Bishop McLeman btw! It was delicious! We had black pudding. It's really not too bad when you don't think about the fact that you're eating dried blood. 

So those pictures were taken on Wednesday. Since we had a car, we decided to go out to the furthest point of our area! The Isle of Skye! I love the ability of my camera to email pictures to you guys, but it simply couldn't capture the beauty of that Isle. It was fantastic! 

After hearing about your visit to the condo, I'm making a rule for myself when I go home: don't watch TV or a movie without someone. It's just not fun otherwise! Plus you waste a lot of time!  I'll try to keep that rule up when I get home.

I am really excited for Conference too! I love Conference!!

About the Piano, I don't get a chance often; I only play hymns, because the only times I really get a chance to play are at the church. 

No I don't really need anything new. My shoes are beginning to get worn out, but they're still stable and doable! I say, as long as you can't see through them, they're still wearable! I do have a few socks with holes in them, but beyond that I'm fine! 

I got your Valentines Day package last week.  I got your Easter Package before that, which is weird. And I got all the letters from your seminary students!  And I did hear about that plane crash. So sad.

Anyways, that was my week! Love you all so much! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Don't let a day go by without reading something from it! 

Elder Bates

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