Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 7, 2015 Conference Conference Conference!

Happy Easter! Cheep Cheep!!

Hope you guys got my pictures of Nessie! I found him! He's awesome!

April Fools! 

Yeah, you probably guessed that one. But hey, I had to try, right?

So I'm immortal now, btw. There's a tradition for every Elder that serves in Inverness to drink out of Loch Ness, thereby granting him immortality. I wish I could have sent you the video! It was actually really great tasting water!! Interesting after taste, but that was probably the peat in it. All three of us, Elder Stobbs, Elder Carter and I, drank out of it. We forgot a cup, so we just used our hands. And I might have gotten a souvenir that should be arriving in Mom's Mothers Day package, I don't know...

Yeah this was an interesting week! On Tuesday, we had to go pick up Elder Livingston from the train station. He didn't have a phone on him. And, as it turns out, his train was delayed. But, because he didn't have a phone, we didn't know! So we were freaking out!!! Particularly Elder Stobbs. But he eventually turned up and we had to call the AP's to let them know that he'd arrived safely. 

Elder Carter went on an exchange with Elder Livingston on Thursday, so I was with Elder Stobbs again. He's practically another companion now! On Friday, the Thurso Elders were coming to "Blitz" Inverness and go on exchanges. They arrived just after Elder Carter did, so we all decided to go get lunch together! We went to KFC, and called the Elders up in Shetland to rub it in their faces ha! With Elder Jamieson, we started going around trying by people. But after an hour of absolutely no success, we stopped and decided to do Warhammer finding again! The shop was closed, but there's a Warhammer club that meets at the building Friday nights, so we went there. Elder Jamieson was having an awesome conversation with one guy who was painting figurines. I wasn't able to get a conversation going.
We taught Riley on Saturday before the Womens Session was broadcast at the church building. My first Recent Convert lesson on my mission! It went well. He'll be at his dad's all this week. The British get two weeks off for Easter!! Anyhow, after that we had sports with the youth. We were just about to start a round of Chair Football when some of the sisters asked if I could hook up the internet with the tv. And so it began. We were working on that thing the rest of the day! We started around two, and we didn't finally give up until six! We were able to get it working for some of it, but then it cut out. It was actually funny, in the middle of Packer's talk, the internet gave out. But what happened was that the screen went dark, and then it had a display saying "Please wait..." So I thought "Oh my gosh, something happened to President Packer!!" We got so frustrated. We just waited for the Saturday Morning session to end, and then we downloaded the talks and watched them on a separate computer! 

Almost nobody was at the church! It was just us. Because anyone can watch it anywhere, most people just stay at home. Some did come, but they would leave once we had technical difficulties because they could just watch it at home! But us missionaries, we have to either go to a members home, or go to the church, and everybody wants to just sit in their jammies for conference, so they don't invite us over. The Bishop came to some of the sessions. What a champ. I love that man, he is such a fantastic Priesthood holder. But even he said he wouldn't be there if he wasn't Bishop. So because it was just us, we had to figure out all our technical difficulties ourselves. And on top of everything, Elder Carter blew out two different tires on two different bikes going to and from sessions! Satan was ragin this weekend! 

But we did get to watch every session except the Sunday Afternoon one. I'm downloading that one in a bit. We'll listen to it for Companionship Study throughout this week. It's interesting the order it has to be done out here! They do Womens Conference at 2 on Saturday, with the Saturday Morning Session live at five. Then on Sunday, we watch the Priesthood Session at 10, then the Saturday Afternoon Session, and finally watch the Sunday Morning Session live. So it was interesting in Priesthood session when they announced the speakers, and had one guy "who was just released this morning" and I'm like "Really?" because we hadn't watched that session yet! 

Quite honestly, I couldn't focus on the talks as much as I'd have liked. I was a little preoccupied with all the technical problems ha. It was a shame really. I'm hoping to relisten to all the Apostles talks later. I thought Elder Perry's talk in Priesthood session would be a great talk to listen to when I go home. It was really directed primarily to RM's and YSA. It was really good and really funny. "RM does not stand for Retired Mormon!" You should listen to it! President Brown told all the Sisters here to listen to it.

I did hear the NO people! I thought they were just overly excited Mormons that were going "Yeah! Woo!" after the Apostles and Prophet were sustained!! It's really sad. Do you know why they did that?

Yesterday  Elder Carter was REALLY sick! So we stayed in the flat all day.

So yeah, it's been a good week. Maureen watched Conference with Brother Mackay, and she liked it! 

I'm trying a new thing. I've been really inconsistent with my journal writing, so I'm trying to do a Video Diary with my camera! It's worked out all right. I missed yesterday, but overall I prefer it. I just go up into the attic, and talk to myself! It's been fun.

Anyhow, love you all! I would encourage you all to read Jacob chapter 5! I know that one's the hard one, but I spent two personal study sessions on it, and I loved it! I'm on King Benjamin's Speech now, really excited about that :)

Elder Bates

Answers to Mom's Questions:

1.  They're called Bank Holidays. They're days when almost no one works. So everything's closed except for grocery stores and a few other necessities. So the Library was closed, which is why I'm emailing today instead!
2.  Eh, I'm sleeping fine. The bed isn't too bad. 
3.  It depends on the people. Some refuse to accept more scripture. Others refuse to accept religion in general. But most honestly just don't want to change.
Thanks for all the advice and the updates! I love you so much! "I've really learned to appreciate you now that I'm doing my own laundry." Name that Movie! Well, I don't think they put that part in the movie. Name that Book!

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