Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March 24, 2015

I know what you mean by busy crazy exhausting week! I am absolutely exhausted!! Unfortunately, it's because I couldn't get to sleep until really late three nights in a row. It's been really difficult. I've got such bad shadows under my eyes, it looks like Elder Carter punched me! Haha 

That's a wonderful story! I'm so glad she was kept safe! I received a blessing from Elder Wells once, and he told me in it that my family would be kept safe, so that's awesome! :)

I got the envelope with all the Seminary Student's letters in it!

Georgiana and her mom went back to Stornoway early this week. They're both doing fine. She's coming back in 4 weeks to do some of the tests she needs to determine if she's healthy enough to get the new lungs. We'll probably see her then.

Maureen is doing well! I don't know if I told you but she was at church last week! Elder Blosil and I went by her on Saturday, and she was awesome!! She didn't come to church this Sunday because the Mackay's, her ride, didn't come.

Rieley's doing fine. Elder Carter and Elder Blosil taught him on Sunday night. I wasn't there I don't know what they taught him. But he's doing well! Tonight he gets interviewed by the Zone Leaders. We're nervous because we're meeting him an hour earlier to teach a few more things he has to know to get baptized!! Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention last week: he wants ME to baptize him!!!! I was deeply honored by that one!! I'm gonna get my white trousers wet!! Haha So his family is a little complicated. So first there's Sister Scott. That's his Grandma. She's an active member. Then there's Gail. She is Sister Scott's daughter and Rieley's mother. She was reactivated back in January. He's got one brother and one half-brother. I can't remember his older brother's name, but they're both from the same mother and father. The half-brother belongs to Rieley's father and his partner. I don't think his older brother has been baptized. Gail was a member but left the church when she was 14. She wanted to live life her own way. She finally realized how bad of a situation her life was in, and so started coming back to church shortly before I arrived here! They're a great family! They've got strong Scottish accents, which is awesome to listen to!

Our goal for the whole year is to have 2 baptisms per missionary. Last year we had an average of 1 baptism per missionary. With Rieley, I'm right on track! Haha I can just slack off the rest of the year!!!
Elder Carter is great! He is a HUGE Disney fan.

Ben is doing fine. He's met some of the people that were Investigators in The District. You remember watching that show? 

Have you heard about the #BecauseHeLives initiative? Ask the missionaries, they can help you. ;) It's pretty cool! We talked about it on Friday.

Well, thanks for the email!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :) Happy Easter! Cheep Cheep!
Elder Bates


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